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Expert Strategies To Thrive As A Sustainable Travel Blogger

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Did you know that you can turn your favorite hobby into a money-making venture? Would you love the idea of getting paid to travel and promote sustainable living?

This is a possibility when you make blogging part of your hobby as an ecotourist. While this may sound like a good idea, it is not going to be easy. You need to follow the right strategies to thrive as an ecotourism blogger.

Being a Successful Ecotourism Blogger

Similar to an essay writer, an ecotourism blogger has to develop the necessary writing skills. You have to understand how to develop quality articles capable of capturing the reader’s attention. You need to know what ecotourist readers want to hear.

To do this, you have to be aware of things like structure to follow, style, and content structure. For example, no one cares about how you made it to the airport. They want something that will hook them, such as the discoveries you made and the observations about environmental sustainability in the cultures that you visited. Some experts shared some important tips on how to harness your travel writing skills.

Take Time to Read Other Green Living Content

Experts claim that among the best ways to learn how to write great content is by reading what others have written. Read the works of the world’s best travel bloggers as a benchmark and source of writing inspiration. More specifically, read content from other ecotourist bloggers.

Try reading and understanding their blogs to see what makes them award-winning writers. Understand the writing styles adopted, their sources of inspiration, and how they have structured the blog’s content. The best thing about traveling is that you can always create time to read. You can even read t the airport. How about cracking a green living book or magazine open when connecting with mother nature near a campfire?

Always Carry a Notebook During Travelling

As a sustainable travel blogger, you have to be on the lookout for new inspirations, worthy topics, and information in your adventures. Always remember that some of the greatest travel writings are those that turn experiences into a reality. You will be surprised to know that one care about what you did, saw or underwent during your travel.

Your readers will be concerned about the thrilling story about how your experiences made you feel, think, or inspire you in a certain manner. Of course, they also want to hear how your experiences connect to green living. The sad thing is that these are the least notable or tangible details of your travel. This is because they are the feelings that change with the moment. As such, if you are to develop attention-grabbing blogs, you have to be armed with the right tools for capturing such moments. Such items include:

  • Pen and notepad
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Sound recorder

By having such tools, you can effectively record things as they occur. This way, you can effectively use them to refresh your memory or as inspiration when writing the blog.

Travel to Areas Where You Can Learn About Sustainable Living

Some places are more committed to sustainability than others. If you want to write about ecotourism, you need to visit places that can inspire you to create great content.

The thing about such blogs is that you have to travel enough to experience the events first hand. You cannot put your imagination to work and expect to produce quality content. Similarly, travel bloggers can’t entirely rely on the internet for everything they are going to write. You should use the internet only for fact-checking, comparison, or as a source of inspiration. Therefore, you have to travel and develop enough experience required to help in crafting a thrilling story. The readers prefer writers that paint a mental image of their travel destinations. The aim is to help them be part of your experience, too through the imaginations they create from the stories you narrate.

Develop Drafts of Your Blog

People who care about green living have high expectations for great content. You need to get it right before publishing it.

In writing, practice leads to perfection. You may have all the right materials, experiences, and stories to tell but still do not come up with a blog. Building confidence to write excellent content begins by coming up with drafts that can be fine-tuned into an award-winning story. The secret is understanding what things motivate your flow of thoughts.  It can be as simple as writing a simple story you want to tell from your adventures. Come up with a theme for your story to keep it flowing. For example, based on your rock-climbing adventure, what story do you think would inspire your readers to engage in such an activity? You do not have to stress over it. This is because it will be re-read and edited. Among the ways of perfecting it is by ensuring that you adhere to all the storytelling aspects.

Learn to Thrive as a Sustainable Travel Blogger

The thing to always remember about sustainable travel blogging is that it is more of a hobby than a profession. As such, you must love and enjoy engaging in the activity for you to be good at it. Taking up sustainable travel writing for the wrong reasons, such as to make money will only frustrate you. It is the love for travel blogging that will stimulate your inspirations to write amazing stories.


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