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Reviving The Planet While Renovating Ruins



A true low-impact, sustainable village and learning center, Earth Angel Village, will crowdfund its startup on Fundrazr starting January, 2016. This is one of the first eco-village startups to travel this fundraising path.

Founders Rob Drexel, Nikola Wittmer, Liv Lundmark and Anton Bergendorff have announced the creation of Earth Angel Village, a low-impact, sustainable and comfortable living & education center with absolute dedication to intelligent, low-cost, and ecological human living solutions.

This living project is truly a culmination for us of decades of learning and growing in our ecological mind set. We are determined to make a meaningful impact on the way humans can live in harmony with nature and in comfort as well. We are asking for both financial and moral support from all ecologically-minded people”

Earth Angel Village (EAV) will appeal to “the crowd” to help them create an ecological settlement of international residents to rebuild old stone ruins, plant sustainable gardens and proceed to research, build and teach practical, no-nonsense methods of living gently and well on mother earth.

Many see eco-villages as neo-hippi settlements of marginal human comfort. This is hardly the case! Low-impact, sustainable and low cost living solutions can be very comfortable while also being very kind to our environment on Mother Earth.”

Central Portugal is increasingly the choice location for many different eco and permaculture-friendly projects. There are many abandoned farms and old stone ruins due to the exodus of the younger Portuguese population to cities and elsewhere trying to escape the decades of economic depression in Portugal’s countryside.

Into this vacuum are pouring ambitious and energetic earth-friendly groups from all over the planet committed to creating alternatives to the consumerist culture and industrial food production chain. The land is inexpensive, but creating still takes money. Rob and Nikola have between them over 20 years of ecological business and project experience and are anxious for this challenge.

We see Crowdfunding as not just a source of needed funds, but a fabulous way to build a larger sympathetic community. All the necessary networking to make our crowdfunding work also creates a wide base of targeted supporters that will help the Earth Angel Village thrive as the project moves ahead.”

Earth Angel Village is set to become a showcase of how well humans can live comfortably while being in harmony with nature while using low-tech solutions for 100% sustainable human needs.



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