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Should Eco-Tourists Use Travel Agencies Or Go Solo?

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Eco-tourism is a booming business these days. One study by Travel Agent Central showed that 68% of tourists planned to stay at an eco-friendly accomodation last year.

While many people are committed to sustainable tourism, they don’t always know how to go about it. They are wondering whether they should travel alone or use an agency.

Choosing the Right Option for Eco-tourism

Traveling is a fascinating experience for everyone. It broadens people’s outlook, inspires people to work harder to complete their everyday chores, as well as motivating them to do more at work. Once or twice a year, we are all ready to embark on a vacation. We all dream about lying on the beach sunbathing or looking forward to exploring the historical landmarks and beautiful architecture of the most beloved sights. Many people cannot imagine their lives without a major adventure.

However, the sustainable living movement has changed people’s expectations in a number of ways. US News has written about some of the reasons that eco-tourism has become so popular.

When you are deciding to go on an eco-friendly vacation, there are plenty of choices that you need to make. It is necessary to decide if you should be arranging everything on your own or entrusting your long-awaited trip to an agency. Despite this choice, you will need professional logistics services that can be easily arranged — just visit website and choose one. The destination that you are choosing will also play an important role.

Traveling Independently Vs. Using Agency-Arranged Tour

Before making the right decision, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadavantages of using an agency. An agency will offer the following benefits:

  • All-inclusive set of services. You can provide information on the destination and get dates & flights for approval. That makes things very easy. You can start packing.
  • The assistance of professionals who have wide experience in tourism.
  • Knowledge of the best resorts, as well as additional benefits they can get in hotels and airline companies.
  • Discounts an agency has may be applied to the final price, hence, an attractive cost can be ensured.

However, there are certain undeniable flaws: quite often, agencies make you choose a destination that is recommended by an operator and is not always the best — they have got their sales plans they have to fulfill. Besides, discounts have no impact on the final price as the cost of their services is quite exorbitant. In the case of problems upon arrival, you have no direct contact number to the provider of services on site.

You also can’t guarantee that the agency will be able to help you with sustainable travel arrangements. Many agencies aren’t trained to handle eco-friendly trips, because they don’t know about the carbon footpring of different travel options.

Independent Tour: Its Pros and Cons

Among the benefits, it is possible to mention the feasibility to save on the services of an agency, find the best deals on tickets and accommodation. Besides, experience a person gets is invaluable — after several independent trips, you are ready to open own agency. However, this is a controversial statement as the absence of experience and knowledge, as well as a language barrier, can spoil a vacation. Besides, the process of arranging everything and making schedules convenient is quite time-consuming. That is why for some people, it is easier to pay for these services and entrust vacation to professionals.

To evaluate all the benefits and disadvantages of agency- and self-arranged tours, it is better to try both ways. Deciding to arrange a vacation on one’s own, it is important to order other services from reliable airlines, logistics companies, as well as to book only best-rated hotels. It is worth remembering that paying extra money is sometimes worth the nerves and time wasted on all the organizational issues. Make your choice and enjoy your trip!

The Best Way to Plan an Eco-friendly Vacation

There is no right or wrong answer when you are trying to plan an eco-friendly vacation. There are a lot of choices to make. Sometimes you can use a travel agency, while it can also be a good idea to take a sustainable trip on your own.

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