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Blue & Green Tomorrow celebrates third birthday



Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Not because of what Guy Fawkes and friends tried to do in 1605, but because it’s Blue & Green Tomorrow’s birthday. We turned three years old today.

To celebrate, we’ve published four articles – written by B&GT staff past and present – about some of the themes and challenges we write about daily. All four can be found below.

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The situation is gloomy – but we can make the world better

Our first editor, David Tebbutt, reflects on two publications, separated by four decades, that offer contrasting takes on the future of the planet. Read more.


The time for change is now

Second editor Rich Whitworth writes about getting our voices heard as we enter a period of dramatic change. Read more.


Stepping down from the sustainability soapbox

We are dramatically altering the planet and environment on which society’s prosperity depends – yet talk to the ‘man at the pub’, and he’s apathetic, inert and often cynical at all this “green nonsense”. Current editor Alex Blackburne looks at how best to communicate the gravity of the threats we face – and indeed, if we even need to. Read more.


Now we are three: winning the entrepreneurial war of attrition

The survival rate of a newly born enterprise in its first three years is around two-thirds. This drops to well under half at the five-year mark. Happy to be part of the two-thirds that survive, Blue & Green Tomorrow founder and publisher Simon Leadbetter writes about his magazine’s evolution.