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Bonn Climate Talks: Ratchet Mechanism & Finance Key To Meeting G77+China Needs



Today the G77+China group at the UN climate talks in Bonn, made an intervention calling for a more balanced approach to the current negotiations working towards a global agreement to be signed in Paris this December. “Without a ratchet mechanism the Paris deal will be like building a beautiful car with no engine.”

Christian Aid’s Senior Climate Advisor, Mohamed Adow, said: “This intervention is clearly designed to wrest control of the climate narrative back from the developed countries who have been controlling much of the dialogue so far.

“The G77 are right to point out that they represent around 80 per cent of the world’s population and the majority of the developing countries suffering from climate change.

“Back in Durban in 2011 the scope of the Paris deal was successfully expanded beyond just rich developed countries to include all nations. However in return for agreeing their own emission cuts developing nations requested the outcome in Paris to go beyond a narrow, mitigation focussed agreement and to include adaption, finance and the required support to poor countries.

“The current negotiating text fails to comprehensively cover these wider obligations promised by the developed nations. Rich countries are shirking their responsibility to provide climate finance and have watered down the text. They are undermining the right of poor developing countries to receive support they need to adapt and develop in a clean manner.”

Mr Adow added that the key to a successful outcome in Paris was the much talked about ratchet mechanism.

He said: “What will really benefit the world’s vulnerable communities is a global agreement which includes a ratchet mechanism to increase ambition and ensure we don’t lock in a long period of inaction. It is probably the most important issue to be included in the Paris deal.

“Without a ratchet mechanism the Paris deal will be like building a beautiful car with no engine. We know that currently the pledges making up the Paris agreement won’t prevent global warming of 2 degrees. Avoiding 2 degrees is our destination and we need the ratchet mechanism to drive us there.”


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