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Climate march in London set to go ahead this weekend



Despite some issues around policing, the Time to Act march is set to go ahead on Saturday 7 March, with the aim of raising awareness about the challenges of climate change and to urge government to act.

Speakers at the event include Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, Labour MP John McDonnell and John Sauven executive director of Greenpeace, as well as a host of activists, campaigners and organisation representatives. Comedian Russell Brand and author Naomi Klein will also have video messages played.

Those taking part will meet at Lincoln Inns Fields, London, at 12:30 and will rally outside of Parliament from around 2:15.

The march aims to build on the momentum of the People’s Climate March that took place around the world in September last year. As part of the event, which called on world leaders to agree a binding deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions, more than 30,000 people marched in London and around 400,000 were involved worldwide.

However, Time to Act argues that action in 2015 need to be “even bigger” as we move towards crucial climate talks in Paris later this year.

The Time to Act campaign states, “Across the UK people are already building change – from divestment of funds which prop up the fossil fuel industry, to frontline communities fighting unsustainable energy extraction and fracking, through to those paving the way for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy future which would bring about an estimated one million new climate jobs in the UK alone. 

“We know what needs to be done; the solutions are here now. Climate must be at the top of every politician’s agenda.“

In December world leaders will meet in Paris to discuss a universal treaty on climate change, it is hoped that an ambitious, legally-binding agreement will be the outcome of the meeting.

Photo: Liam Quinn via Flickr

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