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Loan stock offer opportunity in the Cochabamba Project



Loan stock offer in asset backed community-based forestry enterprise, the Cochabamba Project, gives investors an opportunity to do good with their money.

The project has a high level of accreditation, including Plan Vivo and Gold Standard. It also received early support from the Flemish government and the Netherlands government is now involved as well.

The Cochabamba Project is asset backed, not reliant on the stock market, and the well-established society operates in a transparent way. This makes it an attractive investment proposition for investors that want their money to have a positive impact in terms of the environment and society.

David Vincent, co-founder of the Cochabamba Project, explained, “The society is now at a very exciting crossroads. It has been successful in securing grant funding of up to €750,000 (£444,786) from the Dutch government to develop a new standalone timber harvesting and processing service that enables merchantable timber to be recovered at a much earlier stage than before.

“This will halve the time farmers have to wait for their first timber revenues and so its significance for the development of ArBolivia as a template for land use in the tropics is huge.”

He explained that the grant will be used mainly to purchase new specialist equipment. However, to draw down as much of the grant as possible, the project now needs to match it with its own funds.

Investors that support the project will be contributing to improving the sustainability of farming and forestry activities in Bolivia. This also has additional benefits, such as helping to tackle carbon emissions, reversing land degradation and supporting biodiversity.

To learn more about the project and loan stock offer please visit the Cochabamba Project website or contact David Vincent on 0114 236 8168.

Photo: Jonathan Hood via Flickr  

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