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Opportunity to invest in Bolivian sustainable forestry project announced



The Cochabama Project, a Bolivian sustainable forestry initiative, has opened up a loan stock offer on Friday, giving investors an opportunity to support a sustainable forestry project. 

The Cochabamba Project works in equal partnership with poor smallholders on the fringes of the Bolivian Amazon. It works to establish and maintain a profitable and sustainable community-based forestry enterprise.

The aim of the project is to stop the destruction of the rainforest by helping farmers who live and work on its fringes. By offering more sustainable alternative land uses, the need to slash and burn is removed and as a result the local ecosystem and natural resources can be preserved.

The funds raised through the loan stock offer will provide match funding for a grant to develop harvesting, processing and marketing activities for its smallholders and other communities.

Speaking about the project, David Vincent said, “Forests, and in particular tropical forests, and most particular of all the Amazon rainforest, are an absolutely essential part of the ecosystem – the Amazon provides about 20% of the oxygen we breathe.

“It is disappearing fast because of slash and burn farming by settlers.”

He added, “In Bolivia there have been government resettlement programmes which have allowed desperate communities from the Andean Highlands to settle in the tropical lowlands and in recent years infrastructure development and urbanisation have compounded the problem.”

To learn more about the project and the loan stock offer click here  or contact David Vincent on 0114 236 8168.

Photo: Elias Bizannes via Flickr

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