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Prince Charles: we must act on climate change, ‘before it is too late’



In a video address for the UN Climate Summit in New York, Prince Charles has listed the consequences of not acting on the “symptoms of climate change,” suggesting the planet needs to be treated as a “sick patient”.

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The prince has long been an active environmentalist and progressive businesses campaigner, advocating earlier this year for greater sustainability in business practices – describing sustainability issues as having “a profound effect on the bottom line” within companies.

Now, in the midst of climate week, the next in line to the throne of England has reinforced his position on climate change by delivering a speech reflecting on the need for governments to reach a consensus that will tackle these issues effectively.

The evidence is overwhelming, argues the prince, and more must be done to adhere to the warnings issued by UN scientists.

He commented, “We are running out of time – how many times have I found myself saying this over recent years?”

The world cannot afford to delay action, states the prince, the world cannot “delay, regroup, prevaricate or wait for more and better information”.

The prince has called on mass societal change, especially regarding our attitude towards the planet from within our own society, as well as for businesses to take action.

Renewable energies, argues the prince, must be “vastly scaled up”.

“Taking action on climate change is neither inherently bad for business nor against economic interests. It is, in fact, the only rational choice,” he says.

“We simply have to win the battle against climate change to secure our future, and the future of our children and grandchildren. I fear there is not a moment to lose.”

Photo source: Reza Akram via Flickr

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