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Top articles of January 2014



As 2014 draws to a close we take a look back on our top articles from January, when storms and flood continued across the UK and Blue & Green Tomorrow launched its first guide of the year – The Guide to Sustainable Tourism.


Thames rubbish could devastate ecosystems, research finds

Charlotte Malone: Scientists have discovered thousands of pieces of plastic submerged on the riverbed of the upper Thames Estuary, threatening wildlife in the river and the sea it feeds into. Read more.

Flood warnings remain in place across south west

Nicky Stubbs: The Environment Agency has put nineteen flood warnings in place across the south west of England, with floods expected to cause further disruptions. Read more.

UK weather will ‘change rapidly’ because of climate change, experts say

Tom Revell: Experts have warned that the UK must prepare for more flooding and gale-force winds in the coming years, as climate change continues to make extreme weather more likely. Read more.

The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2014

Alex Blackburne: We began 2014 with the third annual edition of The Guide to Sustainable Tourism, and a brand new look for Blue & Green Tomorrow’s guides. Read more.

Stable population helps species adapt to climate change

Ilaria Bertini: A stable or increasing population trend is a key factor in helping species respond to a changing climate, researchers from the University of York have found. Read more.

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