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Book review: Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid – C Prahalad (2006)



Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits explains how the world’s five billion poor make up the fastest growing market in the world. Author Prahalad argues that this portion of the population represent potential to companies.

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The book has been praised for offering a blueprint of how to fight poverty with profitability and makes a case for businesses and entrepreneurs to cater to the world’s poorest, or those ‘at the bottom of pyramid’, by providing goods they needs.

It draws upon a number of case studies to show how businesses have used such models and thrived as a result, calling on more to take this approach.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid is an essential read for all those in business that are operating, or looking at expand into, emerging markers. Many growth opportunities lie in these regions but businesses will need to adapt their models to attract the poor that will gradually grow to become middle class.