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BMW and Good Energy to offer electric vehicle drivers clean energy deals



BMW has announced a joint partnership with Good Energy, the 100% renewable electricity supplier, to enable its customers to power their vehicles with green energy.

The provider, which was named the best green energy company by Ethical Consumer in July, sources all its electricity from UK renewables.

One of the main criticisms of electric vehicles (EV) is that they often depend on electricity generated by conventional means. In the UK, gas and coal-fired power plants still account for the majority of the electricity supply.

However, this new deal means that drivers of the BMW i3 or the BMW i8 in England, Scotland and Wales can switch to Good Energy to power their cars cleanly. 

Charmaine Coutinho, business development manager at Good Energy, said, “Good Energy’s raison d’etre is growing renewables in the UK. Working with BMW means that we can ensure that drivers of BMW electric vehicles in the UK get to think about where their electricity is coming from.  

“Why charge an electric car with electricity generated from fossil fuels when you can choose renewables?”

The companies also pledge to use the partnership to develop a new green electricity tariff for EV drivers, which they say will take “the UK supply and demand as well as typical charging behaviours into account to maximise the positive effects of electric vehicles on the national CO2 footprint”.

Only last month, Volkswagen and the green energy supplier Ecotricity announced a similar deal. 

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said at the time, “Running a car on green electricity from the wind and the sun is the last piece of the jigsaw; it’s the ultimate in green motoring.

“When you plug your car into your house at the end of each day, you realise you’re running on green electricity and releasing no emissions while you drive, it’s an exciting new world.”

A CDP report published in September named BMW as one of the world’s largest companies that is improving its environmental and social impact.

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