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Ductor Received The GCCA TOP 10 Winner Award In Taipei



For the fifth year in a row the TOP 10 Best cleantech’s cluster companies were announced at the Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) Later Stage Gala in Tapei, Taiwan, on November 10, 2015. The GCCA Global TOP 10 winners were selected out of 160 companies – among them 10 from Finland.

This year’s GCCA Awards were organized by the Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) in conjunction with the Green Summit 2015. The GCCA Global TOP 10 Winners were selected by the high-level investor jury. The TOP 10 Winners represent the best of the association’s 50-member cluster and over 10,000 member companies. “The success at the international competition is important for Ductor, since our business is international,” says Ari Ketola, CEO of Ductor Corp., and he adds, ‘’Our patented technology has global market and demand for solutions to improve the profitability of biogas production is tremendous’’.

The main judge of the competition is Dr. Peter Adriaens, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the Ross School of Business and CEO of the KeyStone Compact Group in Michigan and London. The focus areas of the company assessment in GCCA Later Stage Award- competition are achievements, innovation, and business competence of the company. The TOP 10 Winners reflect technical, strategic, and regional success. The previous winning companies have received vast international investments.

The GCCA Award 2015 Top 10 Winners and nominated GCCA clusters are: 1Energy Systems (CleanTech Alliance Washington, Seattle), BlueinGreen (ACCA, Arkansas), Cashido (GTPO Taiwan), Ductor (Finnish Cleantech Cluster, Finland), Etalim (GreenTech Exchange, Vancouver), Ingenu and Renovate America (Cleantech San Diego), REstore (Flanders Cleantech Association, Brussels), Rheology (Australian Cleantech) and Streez (swisscleantech, Zurich).

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