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Energy – Financial Times Special Report



From the FT today: “A combination of technological progress, a shift in strategy by Saudi Arabia and worries about the slowdown in China and other emerging economies has caused a global glut of oil that has sent prices tumbling by more than 50 per cent. How long this market disequilibrium will persist remains unclear.”

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– Battery power fix is key for renewables – Solar and wind systems are often very reliant on the grid

– How to bridge the rhetoric gap – A look at how a climate change deal could affect oil majors

– Coal unloved as fuel falls from favour – Patchy demand and climate concerns crimp miners’ fortunes

– Oil market slides out of control – Bouts of profound disequilibrium in the market are the historic norm

– Saudi role as ‘central banker’ for oil is eroded – Opec’s reduced ability to cushion shocks to supply is causing concern

– Iran plans to open up to western suitors – Islamic Republic prepares for a game of manners in its post-sanctions era

– Harsh realities push US shale into retreat – Falling crude prices have finally arrested growth of US output

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