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Tell us what you would like to see on Blue&Green Tomorrow and you will be entered into a prize draw to win an iPad, Kindle or donation to a charity of your choice.

Join the over 500 people who have already told us what they would like Blue&Green Tomorrow to be, whether this is writing about climate change, energy, investment, tourism, banking and retail or produce more in-depth reports.

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We will enter you into our prize draw to win an iPad mini, a Kindle Fire or a donation to your preferred charity (terms and conditions apply).

Many have already told us the style of articles they want and the topics they would like us to cover in our guides. Science of climate change in an easy terms and technology have been so far the preferred suggestions for new reports.

You can also register your interest in buying shares in Blue & Green Tomorrow ; one in ten of our readers have pledged nearly £300,000. See what we’d do with the investment here and here.

We have moved from 8,400 to 84,000 readers in just two years and we want to get to the next level. We want to keep doing what our readers like us to do, so fill the reader survey now to help us keep the world as blue and green tomorrow as it was yesterday.

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