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North Sea Oil & Gas: Fears As Critical Equipment Repairs Fall Behind



Oil & Gas UK has found that during the second half of last year, North Sea oil and gas platforms were on average 8,000 man-hours behind schedule on their maintenance programmes to “safety-critical equipment”. That compares to an average of just 2,000 man-hours at the beginning of 2009.

Commenting on news that energy companies in the North Sea are much further behind on maintenance to “safety-critical equipment” than they were six years ago, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said: “It’s extremely worrying to learn that maintenance critical to worker safety and protecting the marine environment is being allowed to fall behind.

“It’s vital that the Government and regulators do not allow oil and gas operators to use the current difficulties being faced by the industry as an excuse to cut corners when it comes to protecting people or the environment.

“Given the big challenges facing the oil and gas industry right now, it’s more important that ever that they do not take their eye off the ball.”


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