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solar roof By Jon Callas via Flickr solar roof By Jon Callas via Flickr


Solar Panels Undergo Stylish Redesign



Leading solar energy company Solarcentury have launched a new style of solar panel. They worked with designer Wayne Hemmingway MBE to come up with a sleeker model that doesn’t compromise efficiency.

This week’s new solar panel design launch, winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016, meets growing concerns of aesthetics, with 86 per cent of homeowners wanting to keep their home looking ‘stylish’. Solarcentury’s new Sunstation solar panels are efficient, affordable and sleek by fitting into the roof and not protruding from it.

On Tuesday MPs, engineers and designers alike gathered to discuss the UK’s future commitment to home green energy and tackling issues that affect the public. Two thirds admitted to only wanting solar panels if they were less visible, and a third say it is important what their neighbours think about any additions to their home.

Designer Wayne Hemingway was joined at Tuesday’s launch event in Central London by Angus MacNeil MP the SNP Chairman of the Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee and Clive Lewis, MP for Norwich South.

For the past six months Wayne Hemmingway has exclusively had the new solar panels fitted on his home and is now advocating the design. The new solar panels are built into the roof as opposed to protruding from it on the back of consumer demands.

New London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has already shown his enthusiasm for expanding solar use in London, and as design begins to meet effective energy, a shift in attitudes towards renewables is likely to change.


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