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Video: Staffordshire Sunny Schools community energy share offer



Energy co-op Gen Community’s latest share offer, which aims to raise £880,000 to fund the installation of solar panel systems at 25 Staffordshire schools, closes on April 30. With just over a week left, it has produced a video to explain more about the project.

Investors can invest between £500 and £150,000 for an annual projected return of 6.91%. Those who claim the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax relief will get projected returns of 10.48% (as well as being exempt from capital gains tax or inheritance tax).

Meanwhile, if successful, the project will save 7,329 tonnes of carbon dioxide and provide the schools with energy bill savings worth up to £2.8m over 20 years. Some 15,000 children will immediately benefit as a result.

One investor recently said, “I’m a believer in doing my bit for the planet, but I’ve actually used the inheritance tax benefits as the reason for investing. As long as I survive for two years, the money I have invested falls outside of my estate for inheritance tax purposes, saving my children 40% tax bills. I also receive the income tax reduction of 30% of my investment, which I’m very pleased about. All I have to hope is for the sun to shine for some of the year!”

Investment in Staffordshire Sunny Schools is open until April 30 2014. The share offer can be downloaded from the Gen Community website.

Staffs Sunny Schools – share offer closes 30/04/2013 from Gen Community on Vimeo.

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