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World Energy Council Announces New Partnership with Arup



The World Energy Council has formed a new partnership with Arup who has recently signed an agreement to be a Project Supporter for the World Energy Scenarios flagship study.

Christoph Frei, World Energy Council Secretary General, said: “We are pleased to welcome Arup as our newest partner. With a special focus on urban innovation, Arup will be providing perspectives and analysis on a selection of resource areas that include ongoing work on e-storage, e-mobility, energy efficiency, solar energy, waste-to-energy, energy-water-food nexus and resilience. With 10,000 projects going on across the globe, Arup brings a treasure box of worldwide experience and case studies to our scenarios work.”

Arup and the World Energy Council will collaborate to analyse how different key urban drivers will play into the different Council energy scenarios. It is a partnership which brings together the expertise of the World Energy Council’s global network of leaders and practitioners and Arup’s strong capabilities and experience within urban design from its own activities in innovation and technology.  The results of this new partnership will be fed into the World Energy Council flagship Scenarios study which will be unveiled at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul on 10 October 2016.

Paula Kirk, Global Climate Change Leader, Arup, said: “The World Energy Council is a prominent figure and thought leader and our partnership with them will help us further investigate the potential opportunities in urban areas for innovation and technology in energy.

“The role of Project Supporter will help strengthen our capabilities as well as encourage City leaders to make informed decisions about the various forms of urban energy. We look forward to our long term partnership with the World Energy Council.”