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£1bn UK low carbon vehicle research centre to be hosted at Warwick University



A new Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) hub will be located at Warwick University, as part of a joint 10-year initiative to develop the UK’s sustainable transport industry.

APC was formed in 2013, as part of a government initiative to develop low carbon propulsion systems, headed by the Automotive Council.

The operation will now be based at the central hub in Warwick, with work beginning in autumn. Regional ‘spoke’ developments will also be announced later in the year.

The hub aims to provide research and development facilities for the UK car industry, by creating advanced propulsion systems that will help continue the growth of the low carbon automotive industry.

By doing this, APC hopes to sustain the 30,000 jobs currently created by the sector, as well as developing supply lines and other factors that will guarantee its growth.

The university was selected by an industry-led panel, who focused on selecting a site that had the potential for rapid start-up growth, as well as the flexibility to grow and access to capable skills. The university retains a high level of engineering prestige, with facilities that reflect that.

APC chief executive Tony Pixton, said, “The Advanced Propulsion Centre will support the UK automotive industry to become a global leader in the research, development and production of advanced propulsion systems.

“Through our hub and spoke network we will enable collaboration between SMEs, suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to create new powertrain solutions that build UK capability.”

In partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR),  earlier this year the university launched a £65 million research program to develop advanced propulsion systems. The site is also located close by to JLR’s Coventry research site, as well as other important facilities.

Business secretary Vince Cable, in a statement regarding the universities success, said, “The Advanced Propulsion Centre is spearheading the UK’s drive to develop new greener engines.

“The news that the University of Warwick will host the headquarters for the centre means we can accelerate our research into the next generation of automotive technology.”

Photo source: Pipistrel via Flickr 

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