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3 Sustainable Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained This Summer



There’s very few places in our lives today that we are not impacting the environment around us, and the ways we keep entertained may be at the top of that list. Hopping a fight to a tropical destination, driving out to a country vineyard and shopping for a new outfit all have significant impact on your carbon footprint. Living a sustainable life doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice fun along the way.

Get Outside and Get Your Hands Dirty

There’s nothing better than spending your day with the sun on your back and the wind in your face. Whether you live in the suburbs or big city there’s always a way to get outside and put your hands in some dirt to grow your own food.  Herbs, edamame and corn are great warm weather crops to grow during the summer months and all have long shelf lives if dried properly.

For city dwellers, Guerilla Gardening has taken hold as a way to grow anything from beautiful flower gardens to crops. These gardens can be found in cityscape throughout the world in the most unlikely places ranging from abandoned lots and cars to once barren building rooftops. Get outside and enjoy turning the pavement jungle into a sustainable oasis.

Keep Stimulated with Rainy Day Games

The warmth of the summer months is a welcomed relief for many cold weather brethren but with it comes those gloomy days where outside activates are thwarted. On these rainy days there are better options than to drive to the movies which have a smaller impact and keep you mind engaged. Playing games is a great way to do this. There are classics like Monopoly, Chess and Checkers or some that will keep you laughing and thinking like Cards Against Humanity. If you’re a more digitally inclined person or are alone then online gaming like solitaire or bingo are great options. There are many forms to these games so reviewing a comprehensive game guide is always a good idea.

Pedal Power to Those Summer Events

Summer is a time where friends get together and events are thrown. Who would want to miss all that fun but with all the activity comes an increase in your footprint. Unless you have an electric car or mass transit accessible, people powered transportation is a great way to get to the next gathering. Pedal power is my preferred method because of its low impact and I can also use it to power many household appliances like a TV.

While summer is a time for hustle and bustle, we all need to stay away of the impact it has on the environment around us. Look at your daily lives and find ways to reduce your footprint while making the world around you a little more beautiful.


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