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Volkswagen by Benedict Benedict via Volkswagen via Flickr Volkswagen by Benedict Benedict via Volkswagen via Flickr


ClientEarth Respond to VW Report from Transport Select Committee



Alan Andrews, lawyer at ClientEarth, has responded to the Transport Select Committee’s recent report discussing the emissions scandal at Volkswagen.

He said: 

“This cross-party report shows that VW have cynically cheated emissions tests that are meant to protect people’s health and the government has failed miserably to do anything about it. Meanwhile the country is choking on illegal levels of air pollution which is why we are taking the government back to court. Unless the new government gets a grip and stands up to the car industry we will never tackle the public health crisis of air pollution. We need a new Clean Air Act that includes random testing of vehicles and consumer labelling based on real world, independent tests. This will help us get the dirtiest diesel vehicles off our streets.”