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Bee by Colin J via Flickr Bee by Colin J via Flickr


Pesticides may act as contraception for bees



A new study from the University of Bern has shown that two neonicotinoid insecticides may have inadvertent contraceptive effects on male honey bees


Responding to the study, Dave Timms, Friends of the Earth bee campaigner, said: “This study is yet another piece of the scientific jigsaw which is increasingly revealing the deadly effect of neonicotinoids for bees – and the unacceptable threat they pose to our wider environment.

“The focus on honeybees drones is especially interesting and new. More studies are needed to fully understand the impact of neonics on all bee species and other invertebrates such as butterflies.

“But while the science must continue the politicians already have the clear evidence they need. The UK Government must make it clear that no matter how much the pesticide firms lobby for their widespread return these chemicals will be kept out of Britain’s fields.”


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