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#COP21: “the biggest event in human history,” Jeremy Leggett



Jeremy Leggett has written to his supporters from the climate summit in Paris, which opened on Monday with 150 world leaders speaking one after another about the threat that global warming poses to the futures of civilisation, humanity and life as we know it on the planet.

They also recounted what they intend to do about it, individually and collectively. Over two weeks to come, civil society groups will be doing the same, and negotiators will be completing the best treaty that governments can manage.

Today Jeremy Leggett’s account of how we got to this point in human history  – which clearly has no precedent, in terms of the stakes – goes live for free download here.

Leggett will write the last chapter after the last night of the conference. The final version of the book will be available free in the first week of January, and the physical book can be be pre-ordered – with all profits going to SolarAid – here, for delivery in January.

Leggett signs off: “I wish you a future worth living in. It is still possible, at the time I write these words.”

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