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Environment Committee calls on Government to maintain EU protections



The Environmental Audit Committee has today called on the government to maintain existing EU levels of environmental protection following Brexit.

Commenting on the Environmental Audit Committee request to David Davis MP, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth campaigner, said:“The vote for Brexit can in no way be understood as a mandate to weaken UK environmental standards.

“It is essential that the government upholds current EU protections for our nature and wildlife and looks to improve them. With over 70% of our environmental laws coming from Europe – including rules on clean water, clean air, and the protection of some of our most beloved and iconic nature sites – the government must urgently clarify its intent to create UK rules which will fully protect our environment.

“The government must also make sure that existing laws continue to be enforced throughout the negotiation period and that weakened protection for our environment doesn’t become a by-product of Brexit uncertainty.”