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eco-friendly benefits of a paperless business eco-friendly benefits of a paperless business


4 Factors That Can Save The Environment Along With Going Paperless

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There was a time in the early 2010s when going digital caused havoc. Different banks, schools, businesses made the switch from paper to digital. However, those days are now long past us. Paper statements, invoices, and faxes are gone and they have been replaced by digital documents. This is one of the ways that businesses are going green.

Although many companies in the world have made the switch over to the digital world, there are still many companies in the world that are still using paper and paper products which leads to a lot of production of paper waste, and this waste isn’t recycled to the extent that it should. About 30% of the paper waste is actually recycled and the rest is thrown off as waste material. Therefore, going paperless is preferable for the environment.

The excessive use of paper and paper products is hampering the environment. To lessen the harm to the environment, going digital is a good starting point, however, going digital isn’t the only step. A green office isn’t about paper only, instead, there are many other things involved that, along with going paperless, can reduce the environmental impact. Retailers, in particular, have found that going paperless can help the environment. Let’s have a look at the factors that can save the environment along with going paperless: 

Switch To Digital Newsletters

Switching over to digital newsletters is a good initiative since it can vastly reduce paper usage in the office. There was a time when newsletters were flying here and there in the offices and they were creating extra rubbish and waste, only for the sake of promotion. Paper newsletters aren’t dead, many companies and offices now opt for digital newsletters which is a more sustainable choice.

It is easier to switch over to a digital newsletter in this age of the digital world, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Since most of the communication nowadays is done with emails, it is much easier to inform customers or patrons about a new product, service, or upcoming sales via a digital newsletter. It will reduce the costs involved in the delivery of newsletters, the costs involved in the printing of the newsletters and will also reduce the environmental impact. 

Only Print When It Becomes Absolutely Necessary

Sometimes it becomes necessary to print something and it just isn’t viable to completely eliminate paper from the offices. Whenever such a need arises then try to use less paper. There is an option available called Fit to One Page or Shrink One Page that tries to squeeze all the data on a single page. This can sometimes result in data that is congested, however, most of the time this option works fine.

Reducing the usage of paper is also a good initiative. You are only using paper when it becomes absolutely essential, and this is a good step as it will reduce the paper waste substantially.

Remote Office & Work from Home

Remote office and work from home is also a great step. More than 29% of emissions of greenhouse gases come from transportation and if you have a huge office with many employees then it can add a lot to the emissions of greenhouse gases. 

The Covid Pandemic introduced the work from home and remote working, although it was still present, it wasn’t as popular. Remote working is good for employees as they also prefer to work from home since it is easy for them and it is good for the environment as carbon emissions would be reduced.

Plus, anytime employees get bored during work, they can relax and have a little fun time on platforms like Omegle where they can chat with people from around the world, and Ometv that also allows you to meet strangers from all over the globe.

Invest In Renewable Energy Sources

Investing in renewable energy sources is also a great way to reduce environmental impact and have a green office. If you are a small to medium-sized business, then investing in renewable energy sources like solar energy is a great option.

This will reduce not only your energy bills but will also be reducing your impact on the environment as a major portion of the energy consumed in the office will be powered by solar energy which is a renewable and sustainable energy source. Plus, from a business point of view, in the long run, investing in renewable energy sources is a great move.