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Are You Following Proven Eco-Friendly Disposal Tips?

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More people are more aware of safe rubbish disposal than ever before. The bins for recycling waste have been around for years, but sometimes they are not enough. The recycling rate in different parts of the UK is between 40-50%. That is encouraging, but not good enough. Our environment is affected by the waste products we generate from food production, manufacturing, and everyday life. If we want our planet to remain habitable, which means improving its present state, we all need to be even more aware of the damage we are doing to the environment. It does not take a great effort to achieve this. Just follow our guide to eco-friendly rubbish disposal.

Skip Hire

There are laws governing the disposal of waste, but some companies go above and beyond to ensure that everything they dispose of is done in a way that is good for this earth. Things you don’t even consider like environmentally friendly skip hire can make more difference than you may think. Skip hire companies handle vast amounts of waste and are regulated in the way they deal with it. They have to be licenced in more ways than one to comply with the law, including licences for the size of the vehicles they use and operating as a licenced waste carrier.

But there is more to it than complying with the law. You need to use a skip hire company that cares about what they are doing and makes every effort to dispose of the waste in a way that will not cause further damage to the planet.

If you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, perhaps from a renovation project, make sure you use an environmentally friendly skip hire company.

Watch What You Put In Your Rubbish Bin

Be careful what you put in your rubbish bin. Do not throw anything in there that could be recycled. In the UK, far too many recyclable items are put in bins, including things like cans, glass bottles, plastic items, wood, batteries and cardboard.

It can also help if, when doing your weekly shop, you buy items that come in packaging or jars that can be recycled. More UK supermarkets are now turning to only using materials that can be either recycled or safely disposed of, so this objective will become easier over the next few months.

Stop and think when you are about to put your vegetable peelings in the rubbish bin. They, along with fruit waste, tea bags, coffee grounds, and stale bread can all be used for your compost heap and it is a great way to return some goodness to the earth.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Of Larger Items

People often do not realise that larger items, or parts from them, can be reused or recycled. Things such as furniture, washing machines, TV’s and motor vehicles have their uses once they are no longer any good for you. Even small electrical items, such as irons and hairdryers, have parts that can be recycled.

For instance, recycling anything electrical can prevent hazardous materials from entering the ground or water, many of the parts from them being processed and re-used. Unfortunately, over one million tons is wasted each year. This is why electrical items are not put into landfill sites but are kept totally separate from other waste.

Tyres are another example of something that can be recycled. They are turned into flakes known as rubber crumb, which is used in sports arena surfaces and in children’s play areas. You may also have some rubber crumb in your house as it is used in carpet underlay too.

The thing everyone needs to remember is that because an item is no use to you it does not mean it has no use at all. As well as safe waste disposal being good for the planet, recycling reduces the uses of the earth’s ever-dwindling resources.

Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living.