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giving away eco-friendly water bottles to build an eco-friendly brand giving away eco-friendly water bottles to build an eco-friendly brand


Gifting Eco-Friendly Bottled Water Can Help Build a Sustainable Brand

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There are many things that you can do as a business with a commitment to sustainability. You will want to make sure that you find different ways to demonstrate your focus on eco-friendly business practices to your customers.

In previous posts, we talked about some of the eco-friendly marketing practices that green businesses can embrace. For the most part, we talked about the benefits of lowering your carbon footprint and minimizing the use of natural resources by using digital technology instead of direct mail and embracing sustainable materials in your marketing materials.

However, there is an overlooked marketing idea that green businesses probably never considered. They can try offering eco-friendly bottled water to their customers.

Using Eco-Friendly Bottled Water as a Marketing Strategy

Little do people know that bottled water is actually a terrific tool to have around your business. Bottled water can help you with your marketing, and it provides your customers with a healthy drink option from the unhealthy, sugary drinks like sodas and juice.

Custom label bottled water promotes your business and brings you more brand awareness from your customers. This is a great way to advertise your small business, cafe, or bar without high costs.

You might think that using bottled water is completely inappropriate for a green business. Bottled water obviously uses plastic, which is not great for the planet. After all, we have written entire articles on businesses going zero-plastic.

However, there are a lot of eco-friendly alternatives to traditional bottled water. CanO Water, One Water and Just Water are three of the top eco-friendly bottled water brands worth looking into. They use natural materials to produce their water bottles and find energy efficient ways to collect it. Just Water makes it bottles from 82% of plant materials and has a 74% lower carbon footprint than most of its competitors.

Here are the ways using eco-friendly bottled water can help your business, and why you should consider having custom bottled water in your shop!

For all your bottled water needs, look no further than My Own Water – the premium supplier of custom label bottled water that would be perfect for your business! Find out more about them on They offer several types of water, as well as eco-friendly bottle solutions in their aluminum bottles!

1. Make an Appeal to Eco-Friendly Customers

There are a lot more people that care about sustainability these days. One study found that 78% of customers want to buy green products and 64% of customers will spent more on them. You are going to want to do your part to reach them.

You can help brand your company as being eco-friendly by using eco-friendly materials in your marketing campaigns. Water that is stored in eco-friendly bottles is a huge example.

2. Unique Marketing Tool

Put your marketing right in your customers’ hands! Bottled water makes for a unique marketing tool that is inexpensive yet efficient. Bottled water was made to be portable, so your customers will bring your marketing with them as they go through their daily commute, attend their events, or simply walk around the area with your custom bottle.

If you go with sustainable, reusable water bottles, your marketing does not end when the water has been consumed. Aluminum bottles and other refillable can be reused again and again, so your customers can refill their bottles at home, and take your marketing to a wider audience as they continue to use your branded bottle.

Bottled water is an underrated resource for marketing but is incredibly effective as everyone drinks bottled water. Try handing out water in reusable bottles to sports events, fairs, or bazaars to gain a variety of customers. This is especially helpful for small, local businesses that are just starting out – you can get the word out about your business this way!

3. Custom Branding

Thinking of offering bottled water in your shop? Customizing your bottle will help bring brand awareness to your business, and you provide your customers with an ice-cold beverage as well. Customizing your bottle with a design specific to your business. You can apply customized bottles to your business for a slightly different edge over your competitors.

Imagine stepping into a restaurant that has their own branded bottled water. That restaurant gives an air of prestige and looks much more established than its competitors. Same goes for offices and stores that have their own custom label bottled water to hand out to customers. They tend to look more professional and premium than their competitors.

It’s always the little things, after all! Pay attention to small details like this as even the small details can affect your image or reputation. It may not sound like much when taken alone, but a branded, labeled water bottle will tie your branding together, making your business look fine-tuned!

4. Healthier Option for Your Customers

Offering bottled water gives your customers a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. Water has been the top drink choice, surpassing sodas, since 2016. People are opting for healthier choices, and water is the healthiest choice of all!

Plus, you can opt for different types of water depending on your business. Own a gym? Offer electrolyte-infused water to your customers, conveniently packaged for individual consumption! Have a restaurant? Natural spring water is the perfect complement to your food as it has a neutral taste and has dissolved minerals in it for better health!

5. Perfect for All Types of Customers

Sodas aren’t the preferred drink for those with hyperacidity, and sugary juices often appeal more to children than adults. On the other hand, coffee and tea aren’t exactly kids’ choice in beverages. Water, however, is beloved and necessary for all types of customers! Reach a wider variety of audience by offering water instead of juices, coffee, or tea.

There isn’t a single customer out there who doesn’t drink water. Bottled water gives your customers a safe drink, while you cater to all types of clients: young or old, male or female, and with kids or without them! Water is essential for everybody, after all.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Can Be Great Gifts

Green businesses need to take significant steps to reach customers. You will have an easier time building an eco-friendly brand by giving green products as gifts. Eco-friendly water bottles are a great example.


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