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Greener Telecom Solutions Are Needed To Fight Climate Change

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The telecom industry has historically been known for its large carbon footprint. This is changing in 2018, as they are under greater pressure than ever to deal with the rising threat of climate change and to offer greener telecom solutions.

Laxmi Gupta and Vivek Kumar Gupta, researchers with Bharti School of Telecom Technology and Management at IIT Delhi in India, recently published a white paper on some of the biggest changes in the telecom industry. They reported that 70% of all of the negative environmental impact in this industry is caused by poor selection of energy resources. Gupta and Gupta write that this is good news, because it means that there is a lot that can be done to make the industry more efficient and reverse the negative impact it has had on climate change. But how can the telecom industry help fight climate change? It all begins by choosing the right technology.

How the Communications Sector is Going Green

Recent trends in science and technology have made it easier for communication companies to expand their area of operations from the real world into the virtual space. This growth in the communication sector has led to a steady rise in the number of applications that individuals and corporations have at their disposal for both local and international use.

This has led to a growing need for newer and greener technology. According to one of my colleagues, an expert in the environmental links between telecom technology and climate change, NobelApp is one of the best new tools on the market for fighting the growing threat to the environment. Among applications that have been noted to offer an array of services that can be beneficial to persons interested in communicating with other people in different parts of the world.

However, most people wouldn’t buy it just because it is good for the environment. In order for greener communications tools to take off, they must also offer better service. Some of the benefits of using green applications like the NobelApp to communicate include:

  • Controlled expenses: Users are provided with a well detailed history of the amount they use to make calls. With the history one can be able to monitor and evaluate their expenditure and in turn be able to control how much they spend on communication.
  • Customer support: most applications if not all offer their users a twenty-four hour service all year round. Using apps becomes effective for users who may encounter challenges when trying to communicate.
  • Messaging: app developers of most functional applications for international communication have infused the text messaging feature that allows its users to text in cases where they cannot call. This feature has proven to be efficient more so for persons in different time zones.
  • Call On Wi-Fi: for some applications, users can use their data plans or Wi-Fi to make calls without having to purchase credit.

Some of the essential services offered by apps have helped reduce the production of physical phone cards among other things and this by extension had a positive impact on the environment. Some of the services present online include; top up services, phone cards among others. Individuals who embrace the use of online communication services benefit in different ways. Some of the advantages of using a virtual phone card, for instance, are;

  • Cost effective: the charges levied on international calls when one is using a phone card are considerably low. Local service provider charges remain the same as that of local calls when one uses the phone card.
  • Virtual purchases: when using the phone card one does not have to change the physical card they have. Virtual phone cards are purchased online and this helps save on time and resources that would have to be exploited for one to buy a physical phone card. Online purchases have been recognized to be among services that have had an impact in the go-green campaign considerably.
  • Can be linked to an app: virtual phone cards are compatible with calling apps making it easier to access and use at all-time irrespective of location. This feature has helped virtual phone cards grow in popularity over time.

Most companies that develop and retail applications that can be used to make international calls have been recognized among those that support environmental conservancy. Advertisements run on most of the applications of this nature are eco-friendly as noted by reviews on the internet on the same.

Final Thoughts: Green Solutions in the Communications Sector Help Fight Climate Change

Climate change is a growing concern in every sector. Telecom industries can’t escape the pressure to make reforms to fight it. The good news is that new technology is reducing the environmental footprint of the telecom industry, and the technology growing better every day.