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There Could Be Dirty Air For Decades Due To UK Government's Faulty Projections There Could Be Dirty Air For Decades Due To UK Government's Faulty Projections


Groundbreaking Air Pollution Monitoring Initiative To Be Launched



Drayson Technologies has partnered with sustainable transport charity Sustrans and East Barnet School to deliver an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled air pollution monitoring programme.


Running throughout July, the initiative will equip 16 staff and students with CleanSpace Tags – portable air pollution sensors created by Drayson Technologies that are powered by its revolutionary Freevolt technology. The initiative will enable the school to generate live air pollution data from both inside the classroom and on routes to and from school.

The launch of the initiative makes East Barnet School one of the first schools in London to accurately measure and address the issue of air pollution by mapping data in real time. Drayson Technologies and Sustrans will work closely with teachers to set up each of the 16 CleanSpace Tags. 10 CleanSpace Tags will also be placed inside the school to monitor indoor pollution levels.

The carbon monoxide data collected from the Tags will be fed into a time-lapse heat map that will show the pollution levels, in real time. The findings will be used to provide a clear picture of air pollution in and around the school. The data will show the times of day that pollution levels are worst, and will become the first step to informing changes that can be made to overcome unnecessary pollution. On top of this, the results will be used to provoke change in how students and teachers travel to and from school and to promote sustainable modes of transport.

Lord (Paul) Drayson, Chairman and CEO, Drayson Technologies, said: “WHO research has shown that children are more likely to be exposed to air pollution than adults and the effects can be extremely harmful. Until now we have been unable to get a detailed understanding of what the air quality is like in, and around, our schools. This project will not only enable us to see how much pollution these pupils are exposed to, it will help us identify ways we can reduce this by addressing behaviour that might be contributing to pollution levels. East Barnet School is being extremely proactive in its approach to dealing with the issue and we hope that others follow suit.”

Stuart Owen, Head of Science, East Barnet School, said: “Being a London based school, we are extremely conscious of the issue of pollution and are keen to raise awareness of it amongst our children, parents and staff. Working with Drayson Technologies and Sustrans will enable us to understand the quality of the air inside, and around our school, and help us to devise a strategy to ensure our pupils have a minimal exposure to pollution.”

German Dector-Vega, London Director, Sustrans said: “I grew up in Mexico City and I still have vivid memories of school being cancelled and us children being asked to stay indoors due to poor air quality.

Air pollution in the capital and around schools in particular is a huge concern. Poor air quality is causing around 40,000 deaths each year in the UK, mainly due to emissions from motor traffic.

I know from first-hand experience that the problem will not go away and it will worsen quickly unless we put in place an effective package of measures backed up by political leadership and dedicated funding.

The long term solution will come from truly grassroots interventions.  Working with East Barnet School and Drayson Technologies we are empowering children to be aware of air quality issues in their area and to take decisions that will improve their own environment and their wellbeing for life.  More importantly they will become agents of change for their generation.”