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How Can Switching to an Electric Vehicle Help the Planet?

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We all need to do a lot more to help the planet. We shared a guide on sustainable living to help people know what steps they can take. There are a lot of ways that you can live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, but you might not be willing to take the initiative.

One idea that you should try is switching to a vehicle that doesn’t leave as large of a carbon footprint. Cars are responsible for a large amount of pollution, so moving to a more sustainable vehicle can do a lot.

More and more motorists are making the switch to electric vehicles and this is for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons is that people are becoming more environmentally aware and making changes in their life with driving being an activity that can be particularly damaging. Everyone knows that electric cars are much cleaner, but not everyone knows exactly why they are better for the environment than regular petrol/diesel-powered vehicles.

No CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions are responsible for a lot of the environmental problems that we have faced in recent years. CO2 contributes more to global warming than most other greenhouse gasses, so finding ways to lessen these emissions is very important.

Electric vehicles run on batteries that power the engine, which means that there are no tailpipe emissions with these vehicles. Petrol and diesel-powered vehicles emit a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is a major contributor to environmental damage and climate change. A study shows that one electric car on the roads for one year saves an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2 – the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona.

Other Tailpipe Emissions

Although CO2 is the worst greenhouse gas for the environment, others contribute as well. Fortunately, switching to an electric vehicle can reduce the amount of these greenhouse gases as well.

On top of CO2, suffer dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are also emitted from vehicles and these are bad both for the environment and our own health. Noise pollution is also reduced with electric cars as they are much quieter, which is particularly welcome in busy cities where noise levels can be high.

Financial Benefits

It is clear that driving an electric is much better for the environment than a petrol or diesel, but this is not the only reason to switch. You can make huge savings in the long term when you make the switch as you obviously no longer have to fill up at a petrol station, plus you will also pay no road tax with an electric car.

Greater Choice

There are also now many different types of electric vehicles available, so choosing an environmentally friendly vehicle should not be too challenging and you can even lower the price with a Government grant. The charging network is constantly growing with charging points outnumbering petrol stations, so range anxiety is less of an issue these days too.


There is also a plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, along with an increasing number of cities introducing bans and fines on polluting vehicles. This means that now is a smart time to make the switch and start reducing your environmental impact as well as reduce your car’s running costs.

It is worthwhile being aware of how electric vehicles are better for the environment and hopefully this will encourage you to make the switch. Electric cars are not just better for the environment either as there is also a range of other benefits and many terrific cars to choose from, so those considering making the change should start taking a look today.


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