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Initiative for sustainable timber sourcing launched



A number of organisations have launched the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC), in order to invite states to source woods from sustainable plantations and tackle deforestation.

The initiative, launched in Amsterdam on Wednesday, involves more than 40 public and private organisations.

Jamie Lawrence, senior sustainability advisor at retailer Kingfisher Net Positive said, “Timber makes up a considerable proportion of our cost of goods. Our aspiration is to create more forests than we use by 2050 and we aim to achieve 100% responsibly sourced timber and paper in all our operations by 2020.

“The aim of the European STTC to reach a tipping point through a collaborative commitment across the industry is welcomed and will no doubt help the European market lead the way.”

The coalition supports the claim that sustainable and responsible forestry management to source woods is the most effective way to stop destructive deforestation in tropical regions. The UN said in April that healthy forests and their responsible management were crucial to sustainable development.

Hans Stout, programme director at the Sustainable Trade Initiative, commented, “We strive to bring responsibly produced tropical timber from niche to mainstream by increasing the demand for responsibly produced tropical timber. Thus we contribute to the survival of the forests and ensuring a viability supply of tropical timber.

Earlier this year, paper firm International Paper joined the WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN), which aims to tackle illegal logging and promote sustainable forestry management.

Meanwhile, HSBC bank came under scrutiny because of loans made to companies involved in palm oil production that allegedly contributed to deforestation.

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