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It’s International Walk to School Month



It’s International Walk to School Month. It is being marked by Living Streets ramping up their campaign calling on David Cameron to create a new walking generation. Over 2,000 people have now written to him, but they need to keep up the pressure.

Email the Prime Minister now to ask for the investment needed.

With new figures showing every £1 spent on walking to school programmes brings £4 in health and transport benefits, we’ve got a really strong case. But in a time of tight budgets and with the government’s spending review just weeks away, we need to get walking higher up the political agenda.

Please take a few minutes to join the 2,000 of us who’ve already written to David Cameron. 

Living Streets, is a UK charity for everyday walking. They want to create a walking nation where people of all generations enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings, on streets fit for walking. See more here.

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