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National Ethical Investment Week press coverage: Friday, Saturday & Sunday



National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) 2013 kicked off on Sunday, and a wide range of national newspapers and media outlets have already written about some of the themes associated with the event.

For each day this week, we’ll be rounding up the previous day’s coverage of ethical and sustainable investment, starting with a look back at the weekend.

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What are the best ethical funds? – The Guardian

“Some ethical funds are returning 40%-50%, but are still failing to capture the public’s imagination.”

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How to save money while saving the planet – The Independent

“The chance to use your cash to invest in projects that improve the world we live in is attractive to many. Add the fact that investing in social or ethical schemes can also pay you attractive returns and you have a powerful proposition. It’s an opportunity which has already proved irresistible for many concerned investors.”

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Ethical investments: positive investor hotspots of Britain – The Guardian

“This is the first ‘ethical map’ of Britain, based on a study of 50,000 people putting money into businesses and enterprises trying to do something positive for society or the environment.”

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Good returns for you and the planet – The Times

“The start of Ethical Investment Week […] will once again turn the spotlight on an industry reeling from the Co-operative Bank’s ongoing debt troubles. As many consumers ask themselves if it is still possible to be ethical with their cash and get good returns, Times Money examines the options available to them.”

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How first-time investors can build a portfolio – The Guardian

“If you are environmentally minded and were left cold by the stampede to make a quick buck on Royal Mail last week, there are several investment opportunities offering steady returns.”

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‘Returns on my ethical investments have matched and sometimes surpassed those of other investments’: Ethical shares reap an extra 5% – The Daily Mail

“The number of Britons looking to make money with a clear conscience has tripled in the past decade, with 750,000 pouring cash into funds that back only ethical or environmentally friendly businesses.”

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If it says ‘ethical’ on the label, that doesn’t mean it’s whiter than white – The Independent

“Some funds are more exacting than others in the sectors they screen out on behalf of ‘clean’ investors. Danielle Levy reports.”

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Investing in a green and pleasant future – The Daily Express

“When it comes to ethical investing, there has long been a belief that you have to sacrifice a degree of financial return to follow your principles. But it is the aim of National Ethical Investment Week […] to dispel that myth and demonstrate that you can take a stance on certain causes when deciding where to bank or invest – and still actually make money.”

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Interest rising in ethical investing – Herald Scotland

“Research published ahead of National ­Ethical Investment Week (NEIW) […] reveals that just 22% of Scottish investors are aware of how ethical their investments are. And the research, from ethical bank Triodos, suggests that as many as 1.2 million investors north of the border are potentially holding assets that do not meet their ethical expectations.”

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National Ethical Investment Week 2013 runs from October 13-19. Join the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #moneydoinggood.

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