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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Motorcycle Today



There are numerous benefits associated with electric cars. Not only that investing in one could help you to save money over the course of time, but doing so is also better for the environment. However, what about electric motorcycles? Should you get one? But, most importantly, what are the most convincing reasons you should consider this option?

Rest assured, we’d like to answer just that in this post.

1. They Are Environmentally Friendly

It goes without saying that this is the main advantage linked to electric motorcycles. For one thing, they don’t run on limited, non-renewable fuel. At the same time, they don’t release any toxic, harmful exhaust fumes.

Hence, since they don’t produce any emission, they are 100 percent safe for the environment. Still, it’s worth noting that the environmental benefits of electric motorcycles are double-sided.

That is to say, they also utilize resources. Even so, as technology keeps advancing, the methods of productions are continually enhanced.

To be more specific, since batteries are now becoming recyclable, this can address the problem. What is more, there are a wide range of sources of renewable power. For instance, you may charge your motorcycle from your home’s solar power.

2. Low Running Costs

While it is true that the upfront investment of an electric motorcycle is considerable, the running costs are much lower. While it is true that this will depend, to some extent, on the source of electricity you use, it would be safe to say that you’ll end up saving money, in time.

First and foremost, you’ll be saving the money that you’d normally spend on fuel. Not to mention that many governments provide unique incentive programs on the purchasing price, taxes, and additional fees.

Moving on, the maintenance costs are much lower, as well. You won’t have to worry about changing the oil, the air filters, spark plugs, timing belts, so on and so forth. As a matter of fact, some electric motorcycles don’t even have a gearbox.

That being said, the maintenance is significantly eased. Aside from brake pads, tires and the brake hydraulic fluid, you will be worry free. Plus, even the brake pads are likely to last much longer – that’s because electric motors do a lot of the braking.

So, you’ll also save money, time and effort – thus, significantly simplifying your existence.

3. City Riding

Moving on, we all know how driving in traffic can be really exhausting, especially at peak hours.

Nothing is worse than looking for a parking spot and having to drive in circles until you find one – perhaps having to look for a reliable accident attorney – but this is a different topic for another day.

The thing with motorcycles is that they are really practical for city riding. And the same applies to electric motorcycles, of course.

Also, did you know that many electric motorcycles are actually developed for city riding? That is to say, many electric motorcycles recharge the battery via regenerative braking. Conversely, long cruising is likely to deplete the battery of a motorcycle much quicker.

On a different note, electric motorcycles are really lightweight. Due to the development of electric vehicles, engineers are trying new, lightweight materials that are much more practical. Essentially, with the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, conventional motorcycles will seem really outdated.

Keep in mind that you still need to take reasonable precautions. You need to wear the right riding attire, which includes safety goggles. Feel free to hover here for more information.

4. They Are Really Quiet

Even though some motorcycling adepts might like the specific roar of an exhaust pipe, other people find that annoying. In this case, you should be happy to find out that electric motorcycles are much quieter than their counterparts – this means that you can actually enjoy the ride, as opposed to hearing the motor all the time.

Some people even think that electric motorcycles are dangerously quiet – in the sense that you cannot hear them coming. This is why some manufacturers have actually implemented artificial noise.

5. You Enjoy Power and Torque

As a rule of thumb, most riders enjoy riding powerful motorcycles – whether they run on gas or on electricity. The good thing about electric motorcycles is that their power and performance aren’t impaired in any way.

To be more precise, the torque of an electric motor is 100 percent. What does this mean? Instant acceleration.

The only drawback we could think of in this department is that the power delivery is linear. Hence, there is no specific surge feeling – something most riders enjoy when it comes to conventional motorbikes.

To conclude, these are the top reasons why you might consider investing in an electric motorcycle. Essentially, it is more environmentally friendly, it can help you to save time and money, it is much easier to maintain, it is suitable for city riding, and it is just as powerful as a conventional motorcycle. Did we manage to convince you? Let us know!

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