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University of Bristol inaugurates new green building



The University of Bristol’s new 13,500 sq m Life Science building has received an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating for its energy efficiency characteristics, also receiving praise for vertical garden hosting plants and wildlife shelters.

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The iconic building was unveiled by naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, who said, “This great building will give you and its graduates pleasure for the rest of your lives. It will play an important role in tackling the great problems and difficulties that the world is going to face in your generation.”

The £56.5 million construction has been realised thanks to the work of 28 architects from 10 countries and received an ‘excellent’ Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) rating, because of its sustainable design and energy efficiency.

The building features a system that re-uses the heat it generates and collects rainwater from the roof to flush toilets, while its lighting is designed to not pollute the night sky.

In addition, the exterior of the building presents a vertical garden standing over 20 metres above street level, which hosts 11 different species of plant, boxes for birds and bats, and creates the pattern of a microscope image of algal cells.

Prof Gary Foster from the School of Biological Sciences, said, “This investment in Life Sciences is a major move by the University of Bristol in this field, showing strength and ambition, with Bristol being an exciting and ideal place to carry out research over the coming years.

“The new building also provides outstanding laboratories for science teaching and will enhance the undergraduate experience by facilitating research-led study and staff-student interaction, making Bristol University the first choice for research and teaching in this area.”

The outside space has also been redesigned, with newly planted trees, shrubs and grasses.

Photo: University of Bristol via Facebook

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