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WWF Comments On Scotland’s Lead On Greenhouse Gas Cuts



Scotland are leading the way with greenhouse gas cuts, but more action is needed if they are to maintain their position as a leader of climate action

Commenting on newly published data showing Scotland has achieved the second-highest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in Western Europe, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said:

 “It’s great to see more evidence that Scotland is in the vanguard when it comes to tackling climate change in Europe. Thanks to strong Government leadership over the years we’ve embraced renewables helping to de-carbonise our power sector.

 “However, looking ahead there is no room for complacency if Scotland is to maintain its position as a leader on climate change and to capture the many social, health and economic benefits of moving to a zero-carbon future. Outside of the electricity and waste sectors progress to cut carbon has been far too slow.

 “The Scottish Government’s new climate action plan, due by the end of the year, is an opportunity to set out transformational plans.  Sectors in need of urgent attention include transport, where emissions remain stuck at 1990 levels and housing, with too many families wasting cash and carbon heating the outside of their leaky homes.”