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3 Crucial Tips for Recognizing Sustainable CBD Products During COVID-19

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A couple of months ago, Columbia author Daryush Nourbaha wrote about the connection between sustainable living and the COVID-19 crisis. Nourbaha made some very salient points about the importance of adapting a more sustainable lifestyle in response to this pandemic.

This entails a number of things, including using more sustainable CBD products in the near future. This is especially important, since demand for CBD has risen during this crisis and you want to make sure you aren’t causing negative effects to the environment in the process.

Understanding the Importance of Sustainability as a CBD Consumer

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is that it’s important to practice sustainability. Had more money been shifted to sustainable development, and if an effort had been made to treat animals better, maybe we wouldn’t have arrived in this situation. Human health and the health of the planet go hand-in-hand. Social sustainability is the latest trend in approaching sustainability and sustainable development. This recent approach takes into account all types of human activity, not only the economic part. Since consumers play such an important part in the process, it’s crucial that they make the right choices. 

These days, people turn to purchasing organic CBD products. If you want to shop to make a difference, you should follow in their footsteps. Just to be clear from the very get-go, organically-grown cannabis refers to hemp flower that has been grown under very strict conditions. The CBD that is extracted is processed without the use of chemicals. The question now is: Is cannabidiol sustainable? Why, yes. The growth and cultivation of hemp don’t affect the environment. As opposed to other crops, it requires minimal water and hemp grows at a fast rate on a small portion of land. Plus, there is no waste since farmers use all of the plant. 

Using sustainable CBDF products offers health benefits 

The popularity of cannabidiol won’t fade any time soon, especially in the medical world. CBD products are actively deployed to treat seizures, offer relief to patients struggling with chronic pain, and alleviate cancer-related side effects. According to users, hemp-based products seem to be very effective. As you can imagine, this is just an indicative list. More items can be added to it. Getting back on topic, you’re not obligated by the law to purchase sustainable products, but it could turn out to be useful. If you’re not familiar with the advantages of buying sustainable goods, keep on reading: 

  • Lessening your impact on the environment
  • Addressing social issues and enhancing the life of the local community 
  • Saving money over the long term 

The fact of the matter is that hemp-based products are a fantastic health alternative for those who are concerned with sustainability. Experts all agree that it’s time for the health sector to become more sustainable. Important lessons can be learned from the cannabis industry. Medical cannabis dispensaries, in particular, are making tremendous efforts to minimize their impact on the environment while continuing to respect local and state regulations. Examples include making the switch to ecologically sound materials and green energy (notably, solar power).   

How to tell if a CBD product really is sustainable? 

Surprisingly, identifying sustainable goods isn’t as easy as it might seem. You think you’re making a good purchase, when, in reality, you’re walking away with the least sustainable products. Businesses have no intention whatsoever to deceive consumers. It’s just that some products are promoted based on their superior results. Not all the information is included in the marketing process. If you’d to enjoy the advantages of sustainable purchasing, you have to do a little bit of detective work. Keep in mind the following steps when buying products made from hemp.  

1. Take the time to read the label 

How often do you read the small print? If you’re just like any other shopper, you’re in a hurry, more often than not, and don’t have the time to do a careful inspection. Maybe so, but if you don’t want to contribute to harming the environment, you’re going to have to try more. Hemp is now federally legal, which translates into the fact that companies have a responsibility of disclosing all information on the packaging. In case you didn’t know, CBD products are tested by third-parties that provide an unbiased analysis. There needs to be a guarantee that the product doesn’t contain any traces of pesticides or unwanted particles. 

2. Trust brands that go the extra mile  

New isn’t always the answer. So, don’t pick a new company, no matter how good they sell themselves. It’s recommended to shop from an established brand, one that does everything possible to ensure customers get their hands on truly sustainable products. While some have their customers in mind, others simply have a passion for producing top-quality hemp products that live up to sustainable products. In other words, these brands have a passion for the environment. This is not the place to talk about the brands that stand out. If you haven’t been living under a rock all this time, you know who they are. 

3. Make the final call 

Of course, the decision is up to you. There is no shortage of sustainable CBD products on the market, so you’re spoilt for choice. The best thing you can do is buy locally. Not only will you be supporting businesses in your community, but also you don’t have to travel so far for the items you need. You can have the hemp-based products delivered to your home or you can go pick them up yourself. Medical cannabis dispensaries can now offer drive-through services. Anyway, choosing CBD products is easy when you have the right details at hand. Don’t rely on your instincts when making a purchase. 

Choose the Most Sustainable CBD Products to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

The environmental crisis is looking more and more catastrophic. At least we have peace of mind knowing that hemp-based products aren’t killing the environment. The truth is that CBD products are some of the very few sustainable products on the market. Environmentally-conscientious brands enhance crop yields within the community and, most importantly, raise awareness about issues that concern us all. They don’t fail to implement the necessary measures towards environmental sustainability. Hemp, the plant from which cannabidiol is derived, is largely regarded as miraculous. The reason for this is that it doesn’t require any herbicides or pesticides, not to mention that it’s a good rotation crop that prevents the growth of weeds. 

All in all, you should be using your consumer power for good. Buy only products from brands that you trust that put the greater good before anything else. 


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