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3 Experts Share Tips On Creating Eco-Friendly Signs

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It is encouraging to see that we are working more towards green living and sustainability than ever. A young Swedish girl named Greta Thunberg has made headlines recently for her activism on climate change. There are a lot of things that we need to do to live up to our commitment of sustainability.

Unfortunately, there are so many things that we need to tackle to fight climate change. We need to make a lot of changes that are both big and small to save the environment. One change we need to make is shifting towards more environmentally friendly signs.

We spoke with some experts on designing eco-friendly signs. They shared some great feedback.

The Art of Making Eco-Friendly Signs

Signs simplify our daily routine. They help us find our way, direct the traffic, provide information and become better organized. In public buildings, they are used to indicate escape routes and lead the way to the emergency exists – thereby being valuable assistants to get out of danger. Even though we only rarely register them, these small little helpers are all around us and provide us with valuable information.

However, there is a dark side to signs. They leave a large carbon footprint if they aren’t designed with sustainability in mind. The good news is that more signs are being designed to be environmentally friendly.

There are a lot of benefits of using eco-friendly signs. Businesses can use eco-friendly signs to get help with getting LEED certification and other environmentally friendly awards.

Green signs are also popular in residential communities, which makes sense since 84% of homeowners prioritize green living. Green signs are most often used in homes for decoration purposes, but can also help to organise home and garden. Wonderfully designed signs in bright colors and attractive forms, e.g. individual name tags, room badges or decorative plates for the interior, doorbell panels and/or house number plates on the exterior of the building, may add that certain something to your flat.

What makes a green sign special?

You want to become the designer of your own eco-friendly sign? A sign that is environmentally friendly, unique and that belongs to you alone? To make it easier for you, we have gathered some interesting facts about design basics which might be a great help:

1. Materials

There exist four key materials for signs – wood, metal, various kinds of plastic and acrylic glass. Those who like it natural might opt for a wooden sign, those who need an unadorned nameplate for their office might prefer a metal sign. If the sign should be fixed outdoors, a sign of plastic is highly advisable. For young companies just moving into a new office building might opt for a company sign of acrylic glass. Wood is also best if you are looking for a sustainable option.

2. Styling Components

After having found the material or material combination you like best, it is advisable develop an integral concept, also deciding about the font type as well as its size and the colors. Now it becomes relevant to find the optimum space for every information – so that everything is readable at first glance. If a graphic or an image is to be used, find the right place to emphasize it. The selection fixing elements used completes the picture.

Apart from styling, you should always bear in mind, where the sign should be hung later – as it might have an influence on its production. An example: If you wish to create a sign that will later be fixed used outside, you should exclusively use weatherproof materials.

Designing table for quality signs

After the concept of your sign has finally become reality, visit the online design studio of Signomatic. There, you find umpteenth possibilities to transfer your ideas into practice or even improving your concept of your sign while entering the data.

When you have completed the design online, simply send it over!  We produce it at the highest quality and within a short period of time so that you can rejoice in your new sign only a few days later.

Sustainable Sign Making is a New Trend

A lot of people are designing signs that are both sustainable and affordable. This is going to be more important as people look for more ways to ensure we live eco-friendly lifestyles.

This article has been written by Anthony Arnold, he has been working in the cargo industry for years and has a thing for the environment. By writing such advice he wants to play his part in saving mother earth.

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