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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 15 September headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Renewable manifesto sets out blueprint for next government

Author claims Richard Branson has failed to deliver on $3bn climate pledge

Over 225,000 get behind campaign for high seas protection

Just one in six consumers trust energy suppliers

UK celebrates first Social Saturday


15 September headlines

Save green deal by offering financial incentives to households, MPs say

Stamp duty discounts, variable council tax rates and other financial incentives should be offered to help households reduce energy bills and revive the government’s flagship conservation initiative, a group of MPs has urged in a scathing report. Guardian.

Rich philanthropists urged to invest in ‘saving civilisation’ by putting money into fighting global warming instead of other green causes

The world’s richest philanthropists are being urged to put their fortunes into the fight against global warming rather than other green causes, as 160 eco-laureates seek to “save civilisation”. Those involved are calling for a hike in climate change spending. Independent.

First ban on shark and mantra ray trade comes into force

All trade in five named species of sharks is to be regulated from now on, in a significant step forward for conservation. Without a permit confirming that these sharks have been harvested legally and sustainably, the sale of their meat of fine will be banned. BBC.

Former BP chief warns on Russia sanctions

US and EU sanctions against Moscow are in danger of turning round and biting the west by constraining global oil supply and pushing prices up in coming years, the former chief executive of BP has warned. Financial Times.

Scotland told to prepare for years of decline under independence

Scotland faces a decade of economic decline if it leaves the UK, with the painful consequence of independence likely to be felt years after the split, leading investors have warned. Telegraph.


Interesting picks

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