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Blue & Green Daily: Monday 20 April headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Poll: government planning system not equipped for sustainable economy transition

Ethical spending up 9% as UK consumer awareness increases

Roadmap needed to ensure future water security, say World Water Forum delegates

My journey from the dark side

Q&A with Hamish Chamberlaybe – Investment Manger for Henderson’s


20 April headlines

World Bank fossil fuel financing least in 2014 despite calls to end subsides

The World Bank increased its financing for fossil fuel projects in the last financial year, according to new analysis, despite repeated calls by its president to end the global subsidies for oil, coal and gas. Guardian.

General Election 2015: Academics call on parties to set out plans to evacuate cities and move to a fossil fuel-free economy

Academics and campaigners are calling on all parties to set out clear plans to evacuate cities and move to a fossil fuel-free economy, as they condemn politicians of all persuasions for virtually ignoring climate change during their election campaigning. Independent.

China’s interest in carbon capture and storage scheme grows

A lack of early-stage proposals for carbon capture and storage schemes could hamper the rate of uptake of the technology, a key tool for radically reducing industrial emissions. Financial Times.

Thirty years on, scientists who discovered ozone layer hole warns: ‘it will still take years to heal’

It is popularly viewed as one of the greatest environmental success stories of modern times. Exactly 30 years ago, UK scientists announced they had discovered a hole in the ozone layer in the atmosphere above the Antarctica. Guardian.

Demand for rubber ‘threatens forests’

The global demand for rubber tyres is threatening protected forest in Southeast Asia, according to a study. Tropical forests are being cleared for rubber plantations, putting endangered birds, bats and primates at risk, say UK researchers. BBC.


Interesting picks

Fossil fuel investments are an issue on which fair minded people will disagree – Guardian

2015 Election Debates: environment and climate change – BBC

An election triumph for our green belts – Telegraph

Five years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, we are closer than ever to disaster – Guardian

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