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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 3 December headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Sustainable fuel could cut aviation emissions by 24% by 2050

E.ON to focus on renewables and spin off fossil fuels

Government unveils £15bn road building plans


3 December headlines

UK’s warmest year on record predicted

This year could be the UK’s warmest for almost 250 years as measured by the world’s oldest temperature record, say researchers. BBC.

Lima climate talks: EU and US at odds over legally binding emissions targets

The EU and US are at odds over legally binding emission targets in climate change talks in Lima, Peru. The EU says mandatory carbon emissions cuts should be set for all countries, whereas the US wants individual countries to be free to adjust the scale and pace of reductions. Guardian.

EL Nino set to cause commodities worries

Leading meteorologists are on the verge of declaring the emergence of the El Nino weather phenomenon after chances of its occurrence were downgraded earlier this year. Financial Times.

Oil companies BP and Shell in the takeover spotlight

Shares in Britain’s two oil champions – Shell and BP – have jumped as market rumours swept the City claiming the pair were planning a merger, highlighting the jittery times for the industry. Independent.


Interesting picks

Communities at risk of flooding won’t buy this spin from David Cameron – Guardian

Climate finance must top the international agenda – Financial Times

Science won’t win over the climate change sceptics – we need stories – Guardian

Are we missing the big picture on climate change – NY Times

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