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Buying the Most Efficient Portable Generator as an Eco-Friendly Consumer

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Eco-friendly living has become a lot more important to many people in recent years. One poll by Good Housekeeping found that 73% of UK citizens want to leave the environment in a better place.

However, not everybody knows what steps they should take to help the environment. There are a lot of things that you need to do when you want to be an eco-friendly consumer. You need to make it a priority to reduce your energy use as much as possible.

Homes, hospitals, retail businesses, commercial corporations, and more rely on generators as a form of backup power. While you may hope that your grid power provider will never leave you without electricity, outages are more common than you might think.

Even though portable generators may not be the greenest energy type available, some are certainly better than others. You can also take some steps to make them run more efficiently. Here is how you can buy the most efficient portable generator for your home or business:

Consider the Fuel Type

Out of the full range of portable generators, petrol and diesel are among the most common. You can also purchase natural gas generators, but these types are less popular. If you are tossing up between petrol and diesel, you may be wondering which option is the most efficient.

Diesel generators are certainly more fuel-efficient, but diesel can also cost more than petrol. As a result, you may not notice any monetary savings unless you’re consistently using your generator day in, day out.

Alongside the financial factors, use frequency may also play a part in the decision-making process. For example, diesel generators run better if used frequently, but petrol generators run hotter.

Think About Size

A quick look at the portable generator range online, and you will see there are dozens of potential options. It’s not always easy to tell which is most suitable for your needs based on their size.

Typically, you can perform a math equation to determine the minimum watts your generator will need. Take the total running watts of the appliance(s) you will be powering and add the highest additional starting watts. The answer will tell you the minimum number of watts your generator will need.

For example, a TV with 150 running watts and no starting watts will require a generator with at least 150 watts to power this single appliance, based on this equation:

150 watts + 0 starting watts = 150 minimum watts

Look for a Rectifier

Some of the newest generators to hit the market in recent years have come with rectifiers. If you have ever had your computer turned into e-waste by powering it on a generator, this is the component for you.

Rectifiers turn electrical outputs into smooth sine waves to power your sensitive appliances and equipment like laptop computers. Ask any generator salesperson, and they will also say that generators with rectifiers can often be more efficient than those without them.

Pay Attention to Emissions

Our carbon dioxide emissions are a huge problem, with the volume we’re releasing growing at a rapid rate. When you are trying to purchase the most efficient portable generator, it can be worth keeping this in mind.

Fortunately, some of the latest generator types are being produced with emissions in mind. They burn cleaner than ever before and are designed to comply with many federal, state, and local regulations.

Before you purchase what you believe will be the best portable generator for your home or business, ask the salesperson about the emissions and their suitability for your current city or state.

Portable generators are necessary electricity producers in emergency situations. They can also be quite helpful at worksites and on camping trips. When the time comes to upgrade yours, let efficiency factor into your decision. You may be surprised at how far technology has come.

Take the Right Steps to Lower the Carbon Footprint of Your Portable Generator

There are a lot of things that you can do to lower your carbon footprint as an eco-friendly consumer. One of the most important steps if finding ways to use less energy. This includes using portable generators that are environmentally friendly. The tips outlined above should be a good start.


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