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How To Develop Your Eco Blog So It Reaches Thousands



If you’re a green blogger and want to get the word out there, you want to create a successful blog.

Blogging can offer significant potential benefits and get you in front of thousands and even tens of thousands of people, allowing you to spread your thoughts and message.

Why Does Blogging Matter?

Blogging allows you to create content, share it and interact with your audience. Adding more content to your blog on a regular basis will help you generate more traffic and reach out to new Internet users.

Get More Traffic From Searches

Blogging gives you the possibility to create content on a number of topics. You can create blog posts for new keywords you want to target and get more traffic.

Generate Leads

You can turn your readers into leads if you use the right strategies. A lot of studies have found that marketers usually get good results with blogging. A study found that B2B companies could generate 67% more leads thanks to their blog. Businesses that update their blog twenty times a month or more often were able to generate four times more leads than businesses that blogged less regularly.

How To Grow Your Readership In Five Steps

  1. Be Consistent

You need to update your blog on a regular basis. People need to know that they will find fresh content if they check your blog regularly. A study found that businesses that update their blog twenty times or more a month were able to generate five times more traffic than businesses who blogged less regularly. Create a content creation schedule, update your blog regularly and look for ways to reach out to new readers besides letting your usual readers know how often you will update your blog.

  1. Promote Your Blog

You need to promote your blog to help people find it. Readers will not find your content if you do not use social media. You will still get natural traffic from searches if you write on topics that are interesting to your audience, but you can get a lot more traffic by using social media. You should post your blogs on your different social media pages, encourage readers to share your content on social media and use popular hashtags or join groups relevant to your industry.

  1. Use Links

You need to use links to attract more readers. Exchange links with other bloggers in your industry. Offer to write guest blog posts in exchange for a link to your content and add links to popular blogs in your posts. Build relationships with other bloggers so you can get back-links featured in their content on a regular basis. Links will help you draw more readers and quality links will help your content rank higher in search results.

  1. Utilise Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to get your message out there and get people reading your blogs. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter offer a huge audience and can be a great way to be seen. If your follower base is initially small then why not use somebody such as Buzzoid to buy Instagram followers and give it the initial perk it needs.

  1. Write Comments On Other Blogs

You will soon become an industry expert if you write helpful and interesting comments on different blogs. You can link to your own blog with your profile or share a link to a specific blog post if it is relevant to the content you are commenting on. This is a good way to generate traffic and to get noticed. Make sure you always add something that is interesting and valuable when you write comments.