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Eco-Friendly Oceanfront Properties Are Not a Pipe Dream

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Sustainability is becoming a primary focus in many different industries. The real estate sector is among those most influenced by sustainability trends. According to the “Decarbonizing the Built Environment” report, 63% of top real estate investors strongly feel that green initiatives are essential for profitability.

Sustainability is becoming even more of a priority for people living near oceanfront properties. There are a couple of reasons landlords and homeowners near the ocean are so focused on sustainability. The first issue is that people in these communities tend to have more liberal political views, so fighting climate change is already one of their core focuses. These people are also most affected by rising sea levels. One report shows that major flooding will be five times as common in the future due to rising sea levels driven by climate change. Coastal communities will face the most significant threat.

If you want to create a great oceanfront property that you can rent as a Getaway, then you will want to make it sustainable. This will help you attract more tenants. The same principle applies if you want to make your own oceanfront property more sustainable.

Fortunately, there are many ways that oceanfront property owners are making their properties more sustainable. Some of the steps they are taking are listed below. You can find some additional tips that we discussed in one of our other blog posts.

Investing more heavily in renewable energy

One of the most critical steps that oceanfront property owners can take to make their properties more sustainable is by investing in renewable energy. There are many different types of renewable energy options that they can consider.

Solar energy is the most popular form of clean energy. Back in February, the Solar Energy Industries Association reported that solar panel installations increased by 43% between 2019 and 2022. This is a surprising increase since many homeowners faced serious financial challenges due to the pandemic.

The environmental benefits of solar power are massive. A single solar panel produces around 20 times fewer carbon emissions than the same amount of electricity produced with coal. Therefore, oceanfront property owners can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by installing a couple of solar panels.

Although solar is the most popular form of green energy, other options exist. Geothermal energy is also a potentially lucrative option. You can take advantage of geothermal more easily near an oceanfront property, as long as homeowners associations or municipal ordinances don’t prohibit you from taking advantage of it. One of the best ways to use geothermal energy is to capture energy caused by heat differentials between the highest and lowest points of a body of water. This heat differential might only be a couple of degrees in the ocean but can create a ton of energy since the sea is so massive.

Windmills are another form of renewable energy that are worth looking into. Unfortunately, they are less common near beaches since homeowners around there might feel they will reduce property values. However, if you live near a beach that allows windmills, you might want to try harvesting wind power.

Come up with unique designs that are made with renewable materials

Many discussions about sustainability center around lowering your carbon footprint. This is obviously very important. However, there are other things that you have to do as well.

One property owner in Tyringham, Massachusetts, came up with a fascinating design for an eco-friendly property. They built a silo studio cottage out of entirely renewable materials. This home was a cottage built with a 30-foot high con ceiling.

This property is an acquired taste because it is designed to look like a treehouse. Some people will really enjoy renting it, while others will prefer something different. However, if you are interested in building an eco-friendly property, you might want to try constructing a unique design with locally sourced, renewable materials.

Use water saving devices in your sinks and showers

You will also have to prioritize saving water. Water shortages are becoming a more significant concern than ever, and oceanfront properties are not unaffected.

There are different steps that you can take to reduce your water consumption. One of the most important things that you can do is use low flow and no drip water faucets for your sinks and showerheads in your bathroom.

Invest in rolling window blinds and other amenities to keep the temperature comfortable

You need to take all possible measures to keep your home’s temperature as comfortable as possible without cranking the heat and air conditioner. Heating and cooling systems are the most significant cause of energy consumption in most homes.

One option that you might want to consider is investing in rolling blinds. This will help you easily keep the home cool in the summer by letting cool air in. They can also help you keep the home warm in the summer by maximizing sunlight. This will reduce your need for air conditioning and heating, which will lower your carbon footprint.

Chris Farrell is the managing director of Zenex Energy, a British company founded in 2003 specialising in innovative energy saving products for both the domestic and commercial markets