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7 Tree Maintenance Tips for Eco-Friendly Property Owners

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Trees are among the most important elements in your property. They provide shade to your home and community. They help lower energy bills by bringing in air. They also add value to the house while mitigating pollution. Plus, they also serve as a habitat for animals.  

As a sustainable property owner, one of your goals is to keep the trees in your yard in healthy shape. Hence, proper tree care is important. 

Considering that, here are some tips to effectively maintain your trees: 

1. Be Familiar with Tree Diseases 

There are many diseases and pests that could hinder your trees from growing. A disease-infected tree should be identified as soon as possible. Thus, keep an eye on your tree daily so you can observe when they change. Discoloration and stunted growth are two things you should keep an eye on. 

Knowing about tree diseases will help you find out what’s wrong with the trees on your property. Proper information could prevent them from dying, too.

2. Remove Dead Trees

If it’s too late to treat the disease, dead trees should be cut down or removed by experts, such as Ajax Tree Removal. Removing old and dying trees could make room for newer plants, ensuring the sustainability of your property.

3. Water Regularly 

Efficient watering is among the most essential ways to preserve trees on your property. If you have newly planted trees, you want to give them a good amount of water every now and then. Even when they’re a little older, they still need to be watered. 

Consider watering them at least two times a month. As your trees become bigger, their roots will grow deeper as well. This means that they’ll be able to draw water from the soil by themselves and you won’t need to water them as much. 

If you have sufficient rain in your area, you might not need to water your trees anymore, except if you own trees that need a lot of water. However, during the summer season, where rain is scarce, it’s important to water your trees to keep them hydrated. 

4. Add Mulch 

Aside from watering, proper mulching could be one of the most effective ways to take care of your trees. Though mulch is particularly beneficial for new trees, it also has many advantages for grown, old trees. 

For instance, mulch could protect the roots from different kinds of weather conditions. It could also aid in water retention and provide nutrients as it decomposes. 

Conveniently, you can make your own sustainable mulch from scraps of bark or wood chips. You can do this by applying a three-inch coat of mulch to the area surrounding your tree. Make sure it doesn’t cover the bark of the trees. 

When re-applying mulch, don’t forget to remove the old ones first.  

5. Apply Fertilizer 

Trees also need the extra food they could get from fertilizers. New trees may need fertilization on a regular basis before they become mature, but grown trees seldom need feeding. If your older trees aren’t growing well or their foliage is turning yellow, then you might need to apply fertilizer. 

To determine what nutrients they lack, you should test your soil. This will allow you to determine the PH levels of your soil, as well as what minerals are available. Fortunately, you can do this by yourself since soil testing kits are available at local garden stores. 

6. Protect The Roots And Trunk 

Vehicles and riding mowers should never be permitted to operate around your trees. This is because they could compress the soil and reduce the oxygen available for the roots. They could also bump into tree trunks, causing severe damages. This may weaken the structure of the tree and allow insects to feed on it. 

7. Pruning

Pruning may not be necessary for most trees, but it could build up the strength and structure of a tree. It could also help remove the dead branches obstructing the tree’s growth. 

The best time to prune is during the winter season since this is when trees are mostly dormant. 

Final Note

Understanding and recognizing the needs of your trees is the first step to sustain and care for them. With the help of proper irrigation, fertilizing, and mulching methods, you can ensure that your lush trees will grow safely and securely throughout the years. 

Taking care of your trees will guarantee that they live a long and fruitful life. These great trees may continue to provide shelter for future generations. Thus, the eco-friendly way of maintaining your trees won’t only benefit you but your successors as well.


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