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places to stay at Denali National Park places to stay at Denali National Park


Eco-Friendly Traveler’s Guide to Enjoying Denali National Park

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Are you planning on taking a trip as an eco-tourist in the near future? You might want to try visiting Denali National Park in Preserve, Alaska. This is a beautiful area for anyone that loves enjoying the scenic landscape. As an eco-tourist, you will develop a new appreciation for the importance of taking care of the environment in Alaska.

One of the most important things that you will need to do during your trip is find a place to stay. As an eco-tourist, you will want to find travel destinations that are going to have a lower carbon footprint.

The good news is that many business owners in Alaska are moving towards a more sustainable future. They include owners of hotels near Denali National Park.

Where Should You Stay as an Eco-Tourist Near Denali National Park?

Denali National Park is an amazing place to visit, filled with new sights to see and unique trails to walk. NPR states that is also becoming more centered around sustainability. However, you also need somewhere to stay between your hikes. Finding the right accommodation for your holiday there is important, especially if you have specific requirements on the kind of places you prefer to stay.

You want to find a place that is eco-friendly. Fortunately, most accommodations in Alaska are committed to sustainability, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a great place to stay. Nevertheless, you should still read our guide on choosing an eco-friendly hotel before selecting one to stay at.

If you are heading to Denali National Park any time soon, then here are some of the best eco-friendly hotels worth looking into. Remember – no hotel is perfect, but some are much more comfortable than others.

Kantishna Roadhouse

As one of the few hotels actually placed within the Denali National Park, the Roadhouse is one of the most central places to stay. You can get private transportation, comfortable accommodation, plenty of things to do, and full access to all corners of the park by bike or on foot. It is also remote enough to offer a partial off-the-grid experience.

Denali Park Village

As the name implies, this little lodge is right at the entrance to the park, making it a very practical choice for anybody who wants to get straight into exploring the park on their own terms each day. The excellent food and variety of different ways to relax ensure that you can do far more than just hike.

Grande Denali Lodge

Often considered to have one of the best views of the park, the Grande Denali Lodge is located high up on Sugarloaf Mountain, giving you an overhead view of the park’s overall layout. The excellent lodgings and great comforts make this an ideal place to stay if you want something new and different.

Camp Denali

Unlike most other Denali hotels, Camp Denali is focused on ecotourism and simple but comfortable living. Log cabin homes and wooden stoves provide a great place to rest, but you also get a range of workshops and planned excursions into the park alongside the usual hiking and biking routes.

Skyline Lodge

Skyline Lodge is an incredible location – a fully solar-powered mountainside lodge with five guest rooms and some incredible outdoor views. The balcony decks give you a wonderful view of the park itself but also offer enough room to socialize with the other guests at your leisure.

Denali Rainbow Village RV Park and Motel

This RV park and motel is a very accessible location not far from the park’s entrance, meaning that it is a great place for facilities to visit. The motel offers great accommodations for people who want to live comfortably, but you can also brave the park’s natural weather with a tent or hole up in your RV for a cozy, comfortable experience.

Denali Park Motel

If you are not sure how to choose accommodation in Denali National Park, then going for the simplest option is sometimes the best. Located very close to the park entrance, it does not take long to reach the hotel by car or on foot. That, combined with the lower costs, make it a great option for people who want to explore the park for the first time.