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Ethical IFA of the week: Lighthouse Impact



There are plenty of independent financial advisers (IFAs) across the country who give advice on ethical, sustainable and responsible investment. Our job is to tell you about them.

Formed in 2003 by Ash Rawal, who wanted to use his investment nous to “help make the world a better place”, Lighthouse Impact is a specialist in wealth creation and investment management.

It offers comprehensive financial advice and planning, and focuses on ethical investment and making people wealthier through their positive investments.

Based in Derby and covering much of Derbyshire and the East Midlands, with clients in other areas of the UK as well, Rawal’s intention is to outline how combining financial security with ethical beliefs is “not a pipedream”.

Advice starts by learning about a client’s situation, their risk profile, their value system, what they believe in – all of these things are needed before you can advise people individually; rather than making ‘off-the-cuff’ recommendations to people”, he told Blue & Green Tomorrow in an interview in November 2011.

Making a judgement without knowing an individual is really where people have gone wrong in the past in the non-ethical industry, because sweeping generalisations have been made, and people have taken their advice and lost money and then blamed the advisors or the industry and that’s not a responsible thing to do.”

He added, “A client can want something for nothing and an advisor can take advantage of somebody’s ignorance to give them unsuitable advice. Both situations are wrong, so what we look to do is build meaningful relationships with our clients wherever possible, but it’s dual-process.”

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