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commencement speech for environmental science graduates commencement speech for environmental science graduates


10 Graduation Speech Ideas For Environmentalists

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There are a growing number of people that are concerned about sustainability these days. Some people are helping support environmentalism by getting degrees in environmentalism and other majors that can promote sustainability. We shared some of the topics that environmental majors can talk about in papers while working on their degrees.

You may have read those articles when you were deciding whether to write a paper on climate change, the importance of clean water, the pollution problems in Bangkok or some other environmental issue. You worked hard on those papers and taught people about our environmental crises.

After all of your hard work, you are ready to graduate and venture in the world to be an environmental advocate (and sadly realize how modest the salary will be). However, your efforts as a student are not over. You also have to make a graduation speech to tell people what you learned while getting your environmental science degree.

The light at the end of the tunnel for each student’s academic life is graduation. The amount of time and money put into graduation parties and celebrations proves how much students anticipate for their graduations with baited breath. Naturally, students will want to plan everything about their graduations, including their invitation cards, the dress code, and speeches. After spending more than three years in school, the words to describe the school experience may fill a barrel, but without proper preparation, the graduation speech may lack the expected effect. This article equips students with speech ideas for their graduation.

Here are some ideas for newly minted environmentalists that want to come up with graduation speeches. You can also read this Huffington Post article on the best environmental commencement speech ever.

Tell a story that helped shape your life.

Aside from imparting knowledge, the school experience is a significant experience that chisels the students’ lives. Many scenarios and occurrences within academic history assist students in making friends and learning impactful lessons about themselves. A life-changing experience in school can form a remarkable graduation speech. An example of such a story may be as follows.

“When I got into campus, I felt excited because I had looked forward to the opportunity for a long time. In the excitement, I got carried away with the ultimate goal of getting my degree and failed miserably in my first exam. For someone who has always been a top achiever, that was an eye-opening situation that brought me back on course.”

  • Appreciate your friends and classmates.

The school experience starts as a personal endeavor, with each person being brought into school by their guardians. However, with time, one amasses a large group of friends who make the academic process less formidable. Friends greatly impact students by encouraging and offering support, and it’s only fair to include them in your graduation speech. An example of such a speech would be as follows.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have solely walked into this campus only to leave with a community of friends. I may have struggled immensely to attain this degree without you, but I’m glad I got to experience and know you through the taxing process.

  • Share a humorous experience.

Besides food, humor is indisputably one of the easiest things that help bring people together and closer. A humorous story can never fail to catch an ear and pass some laughs to liven the situation. Humorous experiences experienced by students may fill a book, and pulling one page to base a graduation speech would never go wrong. An example of such an experience would be as follows.

“My first day on campus was quite eventful. I was astounded by how big the campus was, and in awe, I spent almost 30 minutes looking for my classrooms. I was so tired that I sat on a bench to cry, and when someone asked me the problem, they laughed at me only to tell me that my classrooms were right beside me. I was so ridiculous that I circled the block more than six times without recognition.

  • Appreciate your teachers.

Teachers are an instrumental part of student’s academic lives. They are the guardians of students while in school and allow students to acquire information and offer guidance to the students. A college graduation speech can appreciate teachers as the subject, as follows.

“My criminology professor once asked me a question in class, and I was so scared to answer because I feared publicly airing my opinions. However, he persisted that I should answer the question, which allowed me to boost my confidence in public, and I am constantly in appreciation for his actions.”

  • Talk about someone who inspired you.

Students may draw inspiration from various people to survive their academic experiences. Celebrities and notable people in the community may act as role models to students, and students may base them on their graduation speech topics as follows.

“Oprah Winfrey was the first black woman to hit the airwaves with her accomplishments, and watching her from when I was ten inspired me to also aim for higher levels. Gaining this degree was one of the toughest challenges, but conquering the obstacles makes me feel more like my role model.”

  • Advise the younger generation through your school experiences.

Giving back to society may not necessarily have to be through astounding gestures. Small and meager efforts may also account for ways of building future generations. Students can help prepare younger students for the experiences to expect once in college. An example of this graduation speech idea is as follows.

“College was a liberating and exhilarating process for me. However, getting lost in the ecstasy was common in my first couple of years, thus leading to poor decisions at the time. However, not many may have been as lucky to pull out unscathed, and you need to set out your priorities without deviating from the end goal.”

  • Appreciate your parents.

It would be a shame not to recognize the parents’ and guardians’ support and commitment to seeing their children through their graduations. However, many students may get overawed and lost for words, as describing the impact of their parents may be cumbersome to put into words. speech writing services  may allow students to hire cheap essay writers to deliver the best high school graduation speech. An example of such a speech would be as follows.

“To say I would have done this without my parents is like saying I can survive without food. They have been my strongest support system and always so potential in me when no one else could. Were it not for their efforts, I would not be wearing this gown currently.”

  • Acknowledge your accomplishments.

Giving yourself credit for your accomplishments is not necessarily boastful; students should also be allowed to acknowledge their accomplishments through their academic experiences. An example of such a valedictorian speech idea is as follows.

“Winning two thousand dollars in a hackathon competition in college was one of my most significant accomplishments. It made me feel validated that I was learning something in school and my ideas were coming to fruition.”

  1. Talk about your history.

Many life experiences have played a part in allowing students to shape their lives and accomplish their academic experiences. An example of this graduation speech may be as follows.

“As a ten-year-old boy, I attended my older cousin’s graduation party and was fascinated with the graduation cap. I kept insisting on wearing a cap I had rightfully earned, but she told me it would be much better. Today I can attest that it was worth the wait and feels very deserving.”

  1. Quote a song.

Where words fail, music speaks volumes. Sentiments can be summarized in four minutes and may do a better job of expressing feelings as compared to what words would have. Students may quote songs to create memorable graduation speeches. An example of such a speech is as follows.

“Looks like we’ve made it. Look how far we’ve come. In my distraught and despairing moments, I always encouraged myself with Shania Twain’s song, as I always looked forward to singing it at my graduation.”


School graduations have always been a source of hope for students, and with the above graduation speech ideas, students can effectively write their graduation speeches and leave a lasting impact. Do not wait to graduate; start your graduation speech in preparation today.

Tim Chaves is CEO at ZipBooks and ZipBooks Pros, modern accounting software for small businesses. Tim previously founded and sold two small businesses and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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