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Looking back at… ethical retailers 4



More and more people are considering where they shop and the implications of their choices, from how companies impact the environment to how they treat employees, here we profile some ethical shopping options.

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1. Colin Leslie Eyewear– Colin Leslie Eyewear produces popular and eco-friendly glasses and sunglasses that are made ethically and are becoming a must-have among celebrities. Read more.

2. Green People – Green People offers a wide range of organic beauty and skincare products and is one of the leading businesses in its field in the UK. Read more.

3. Equal Exchange – Equal Exchange is a workers co-operative selling organic and fairtrade products that guarantee “a fair deal for farmers and the environment”. Read more.

4. Wildlife World – Wildlife World is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wildlife habitats. It works to encourage conservation and allow species to thrive by providing them with essential food and shelter. Read more.

5. Jāsön – Jāsön is a company based in the US that sells beauty and personal care products, focusing on natural ingredients that respect the planet. Read more.

6. Creative Nature – Creative Nature produces organic, ethically sourced ‘superfoods’, promoting healthy eating and wellbeing, as well as environmentally friendly and ethical practices. Read more.

7. Lanka Kade – Lanka Kade is a Sri Lanka-based business that produces multicultural and fairtrade toys and gifts for children responsibly made by local communities with recycled materials. Read more.

8. Faux – Faux is a leading luxury brand producing faux fur clothes and home accessories rigorously made in London by the same family since its beginnings. Read more.

Photo: aimee rivers via Flickr


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